Prosecutors to Hamas donor: take a break

May 30, 2011

A German federal court will consider a proposed settlement in which the IHH, an organization that “works through established social organizations associated with Hamas,” may continue its operations if it ceases transmitting funds to the Palestinian territories for the next three years and submit annual financial statements during that time.

In other words, as long as the German IHH agrees to take a three-year break from funding Hamas’s social network, it can resume those activities afterward.  Presumably, IHH will still be able to fund Islamist networks in other countries on an ongoing basis.

From The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report on May 26:

The website of a federal German court has reported the details of a proposed settlement involving the German International Humanitarian Relief Organization (IHH) which had been banned for financing Hamas. According to the details of the settlement notice:

The applicant is a local organization in Germany who sees it purpose as providing worldwide humanitarian assistance and, among other things, it has supported projects in Palestine. According to the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the applicant is opposed to the idea of international understanding and therefore meets on of the legal grounds for being banned. Because the applicant works through established social organizations associated with HAMAS, the applicant indirectly supports the use of violence against Israel by HAMAS. The applicant replies that the it exclusively pursues humanitarian purposes and is not associated with the violence of Hamas.

The notice goes on to proposes that until June 30, 2014 that IHH provides no specific assistance to the  Palestinian territories in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and submits each year a statement of revenue and expenditure of the previous year to the Federal Ministry of the Interior. If the IHH fails to comply with these provisions, the ban will come back into effects. The matter is to be finally decided later in June.

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