Muslim charity asks us for money to help “to fight Christians”

June 20, 2011

As we’ve noted before, Money Jihad blog receives demands for zakat from Muslims all over the world from direct emails or from comments submitted on Money Jihad posts.  (See this old post for for a dozen examples of “zakat spam” we’ve intentionally left un-deleted.) 

These requests are laughable to anybody who is actually familiar with the content of this blog.  As an anti-poverty program, zakat has an abysmal record.  As a terrorist financing method, zakat has been wildly successful.  This blog donating a single penny in zakat would be as absurd as saying that Islam is a religion of peace.

This message we received through “Contact us” from an entity purporting to be “Islamic Relief Aid Uganda” is also absurd, laughable, and disturbing.  Their IP address corresponds to Kampala, Uganda.

Name: Islamic Relief Aid Uganda
Email: uganda@islamicreliefaiduganda.tk
Message: Assalamu alaikum Brothers
This is an Email from Islamic Relief Aid Uganda.we need to fight Christians who want to take over our land in Northern Uganda,we are requesting for Money Jihad Brothers to help us fight the Christians get out of our land and this will require publication of materials to be distributed to all Mosques.
We Officially submit this application as United 220 Mosques Leaders for request of Support USD 8,000 to buy a Printing Holy Quran Machine and Printing Papers.
We appeal to Money Jihad Administration and the Director for support.We look forward for response in Names of Allah.
The Bank Account is available on request
> Time: Sunday June 12, 2011 at 3:38 am
> IP Address:


  1. If I was in military, I might had send them bags with GPS broadcasting gadgets, and a drone waiting to hit the Gadgets :)… but I am not a military person, I am a civilian and above all I am a Money Jihad commenter :D ….So which Bank Account and which specific bank is offering them services ? ASK the bank account, ASK THE BANK ACCOUNT…. I am curious :D

    I bet it will be either a Turkish bank, or a British Bank.. as probability of those two is pretty high… BTW : http://www.hudson-ny.org/2206/britain-parallel-islamic-financial-system

    • Capital thinking, Puneet, on getting the bank info! Consider it done.

    • Unfortunately, I got no response when I emailed them back. Maybe they caught on to our purposes…

  2. Sir, my plus point project is poor man. Your zakat & others donate my mobile number by online bank. Sir i am a poor man but i am a honest man so you can help me. Bangladesh any online bank. My mobile number : 01735062769, Dinajpur Bangladesh.

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  4. mail@muslimhands.org.uk

  5. TO
    My name is md jabber and I am arakhine Muslim political shelter national refugees from arakan state akyab western Burma Myanmar have been political shelter national refugees recognized by UNHCR Sine 2000.
    Now I am in Bangladesh and working for our arakan called akyab unrecognized new muslim refugee that those who have been facing with various kind of very difficult.
    Regarding this issues: I just would like to submit on the food month that the month is the whole of akyab Muslim food water, shelter, in the world.
    So, everybody has been keeping up on food days without eating any food but the peoples of our unrecognized new Akyab Rakhine muslim can’t keep if because of many kind of difficult with living condition because they have nothing and they can’ do this days.
    Many over tree lakh unrecognized Muslim refugees lives different part of in Arakan called Akyab areas that, camp name THASHAN camp, BODUFA CAMP, rohingya camp, DABENT CAMP, bariza Para camp, the peoples who have been facing to get daily food both day and night to suevive for their lives in per day, therefore they can’t live peacefully at homes.
    On the other hand, they are not accept in camp because they are being discrimination and not accept them by the Rohingya in thir Arakan camp.
    I would like to inform submit, the Myanmar Govts torture us Arakan called Akyab Muslim the camp also step by step various kind of seriously torture us, always are being harassed us. So many Arakan Muslim they arrest and send to the Arakan jail.
    So, I want to request to provides some foods and money for them during this month, I promise that I will distribute them myself which you transfer me foods amounts.
    I support by international world Government and Zakat foundation.
    Pls you can do for me can help provide food amounts.
    Your truly community {RMLDB}

    Al-arafah islami bank limited
    Name MD JABER
    Branch joydvdpur road Showrasta Gazipur BANGLADESH
    A/c no: 0361120057020

  6. I’m sunnimuslim in myanmar(Rohingya affair country) please help me zakat money sir. please help me sir.
    con: this email please.

  7. Sir i am very poor man
    my 8 chilren but i dont have a money plzzz sir you send me some zakat & fitra money my children is give u dua plzzz sir plzzz i am very poor u gave money then call this num …09641446377

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