Another deadbeat mosque

August 15, 2011

Last time it was Halifax, Canada; this time, Lleida, Spain.

A radical mosque in Lleida, Catalonia, has been evicted from its premises for unpaid rent (not to mention repeatedly violating the maximum capacity for the space).

The meaningless lease was signed by a Salafist imam.  This isn’t much of a surprise considering that most of the Arab money coming into Spain has funded Islamist clerics and congregations, and many of those leaders believe it is acceptable to cheat their Western hosts at every opportunity.

Translated (with some loose help from Microsoft) from a Jul. 15 El Pais article:

Eviction against Lleida mosque for five months unpaid rent

The days are numbered for the controversial mosque on Nord Street in Lleida, which has been closed for 10 months for exceeding its maximum capacity. A judge has ordered the eviction of the oratory [chapel] because the entity that runs it, the Lleida and Shire Association of Union and Islamic Cooperation, owes rent for the past five months. The debt claimed by the owner is 9,000 euros.

The Islamic community directed by Imam Abdelwahab Houzi, close to the radical Salafist stream, signed a lease for the premises (an old truck garage situated in the basement of an apartment complex) on July 1, 2010, but it has not paid recent bills, on which grounds the owner decided to lodge a complaint to claim what was owed and urge the eviction.

The hearing was held Wednesday at Magistrate’s Court Number 2 of Lleida, and no representative attended from the Muslim community, which may not appeal decision that declares the lease terminated.  The Islamic entity, ordered to pay the legal costs, has six days to pay what is owed. The two entrances to the oratory remained closed yesterday with chains and padlocks placed by court order.

The mosque was closed by the City Council of Lleida indefinitely last September for violating the rules on safety and capacity. The Municipal Guard levied sanctions after verifying that one of the prayers had assisted 612 faithful, when the local capacity is for 240 people. The temple had been closed for the first time a month earlier for quintupling the maximum capacity.

Sara Mestres, councillor for public safety, says that this judicial eviction, plus the administrative process, could mean the end of a conflict that emerged 10 years ago when the court authorized the Muslim community to use the premises for worship against the opinion of the residents.

Since the mosque was closed, the faithful have continued praying in different areas of the city outdoors, especially under a canopy at the fairground of Camp Elisis, 200 meters from the oratory.

At the end of 2007, the court ceded land to the Islamic community in Segre estate that could be used to build a larger worship center. A few months ago it rescinded the concession for their not having presented any project in this time.

Meanwhile, neighbors and merchants in the University neighborhood have collected signatures against a project to set up an evangelist church on Bisbe Messeguer Street on which supposedly work has been done without a municipal license. The City Council received the application for a work permit yesterday, and announced that it would be denied because it did not specify the renovations.

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