Zakat spent marrying off orphan “girls”

September 12, 2011

The Hyderabad Zakat & Charitable Trust (HZCT) in India proudly displays on their website the following chart of their zakat expenditures:

zakat stats

Three observations:

  • Notice that 2 percent of zakat is being spent on “marriages of orphan girls.”  Girls!
  • Three percent is being spent on “Other Schemes.”  No doubt!
  • The figures only total out to 98 percent…


  1. I was in Hyderabad in fall 2003, and Hyderabad was really sicking place back then, not sure if it has improved by now.. but i do not think so.

    Its Sort of Las Vegas (without laws) in India, with prostitutes on every crossings… though sicking is not prostitution, rather the tale of majority girls that was working as a prostitute…

    With pedophilia is rampant in Islam, and Arab supremacy at its core.. majority Hyderabadi Muslims prefer to make Nikah (sex contract in Islam, can be compared with marriage, but marriage has more then sex included) their small girls with old arab shiekhs… the marriage is consumed, and Shiekhs later divorce the girls, and leave back…

    this not only destroy the childhood, rather leaves back the women/child in a state, where she is held guilty for a unsuccessful marriage.. majority of the prostitute in Hyderabad are the women from that background..

    and majority of orphans are usually result of such bond, that are placed in orphanage as the young women screwed by Arab shiekhs is not able to take load of child on their own, and arabs are not able to be tracked in aftermath..

    • Mr. Madaan ..what u alleging pedophilia is rampant in islam ….u have no idea the most incestous ppl in the worldr westeners ….mr. madaan do no sweep the generalization ….if i qoute ur scripture ..u.ll b ashamed of even in gospel …..there black sheep in every community ….so plz come out of prejudices u have …

  2. Its sad to think that Zakat being one of the five pillars of Islam- is being used to potentionally cause detriment to orphan girls.

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