IRW excludes Kashmir from India map

September 15, 2011

Islamic Relief Worldwide, which is one of the world’s largest Islamic charities, depicts Kashmir as a separate country from India on its website.  This puts IRW in line with Muslim Kashmiri separatists.  Perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising given IRW’s history of aiding Hamas and having Muslim Brotherhood associates serving as leaders in IRW.

This map appears on IRW’s “Who We Are/About Us” page.  IRW puts a thin little white line between India and the Kashmir territory which India itself administers:

Kashmir is a territory of India although Pakistan disputes it.  Official United States maps show Kashmir as being part of India.  IRW is based in the U.K. but has partner offices in the U.S. and around the world.

If IRW sends money to Kashmir, and if IRW believes that Kashmir isn’t part of India, exactly what kind of groups and what kind of causes is IRW funding there?  It doesn’t take much imagination to figure it out.


  1. The page under section : Where Does Islamic Relief Work? >> Asia put countries as :

    Pakistan and Kashmir

    I was always amazed that such groups are allowed to work in India, knowing that they at their core are supporting terrorist (uh oh freedom fighters)… but then since Indian congress called Islamic banking as secular, I can digest almost anything :(

    • And why does the U.S. allow IRW to work in America (IR-USA)? And why do other countries that have been attacked by jihadists (U.K., Spain) allow it too?

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