Kenyan official gives to mosque, al-Shabaab

September 16, 2011

Kenyan minister of tourism Najib Balala gave a 200,000 shilling check that was wired to an al-Shabaab operative.  A United Nations report published last month (see related coverage here and here) also includes a photograph of Balala giving a cash donation to an al-Shabaab leader.

Balala claims he was simply giving a donation to a mosque, and that he does not support al-Shabaab.  Even if Balala is innocent, this story is further evidence of how Kenya is being sadly exploited by Islamist opportunists as a fertile fund-raising ground for jihad.

This video should also raise a few eyebrows with respect to major mosque building projects around the world, and whether the funds being donated to their construction is being used for the purposes described in public.

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