Medieval Islamic tax alive in al-Shabaab

September 22, 2011

Ever heard of a tax route?  A tax route is a road which people or merchants travel and end up getting taxed along their way.  It’s something like a toll road.  Except in Islamic tax law, the toll is imposed simply for passing through an Islamic jurisdiction.

In their recent report, the U.N. monitoring group on Somalia and Eritrea depicted the tax routes of al-Shabaab in this graphic.  The route between Mogadishu and Xarardheere alone nets up to $85,000 per week in taxes.

Ashir jurisdiction of al-Shabaab

This is not the first time we have heard of jihadists imposing checkpoint taxes on Africans.  Hizbul Islam was reported to have established roadway taxes on Somali truckers in the spring of 2010.

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  1. […] for simply passing through islamic areas. This tax between Mogadishu and Xarardheere takes in over 85,000$ per week. This money is being taken from sick and starving people and used to find futile military […]

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