Khums is haram, goes into toilet

September 30, 2011

A rather surprising video was uploaded on Sep. 14 to Youtube showing Shia Iraqi scholar Sayyid Ahmed al Qabbanji blasting Iranian leaders on how they use their revenues from the khums tax:

Al Qabbanji is right that the Iranian clerics have become stinking rich taking money from their people (both through religious taxation and government corruption).  He goes as far as to call khums not obligatory, but haram, and that giving khums is like flushing “a million in the toilet.”

Still, given the choice, I’d rather the ayatollahs travel to London and spend khums on hotels and shopping sprees versus diverting the money toward Hezbollah, which is one of the terrorist organization’s key revenue sources.


  1. […] has been used more recently to fund subversive activities in Bahrain.  Even Iraqi Shia have been critical of Iran’s abuse of khums, calling khums haram and equating it to flushing money down the […]

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