The global influence of al-Awlaki’s money jihad

October 4, 2011

Before he died, Anwar al-Awlaki influenced the 9/11 hijackers and the Ft. Hood jihadist to perpetrate their attacks on America.  Al-Awlaki had maintained or gained sway throughout the Arab world from his hideout in Yemen and his English-language jihadist magazine, Inspire.

In addition to his traditional jihadist message, al-Awlaki, like Osama bin Laden before him, had specifically been a key proponent of the jihad bi-al-mal, the money jihad, against the West.  He encouraged theft, trickery, and whatever means are necessary for Muslims in the West to financially sap their hosts and fund the mujahideen in the process.

His message reached as far as Africa.  Documentary evidence from the U.N. monitoring group on Somalia and Eritrea’s July report showed that al-Awlaki’s list of 44 ways to support jihad, seven of which involve direct financial support to jihad, had made its way into Al-Misbah, the newspaper of the Muslim Youth Centre, an al-Shabaab jihadist affiliate in Kenya.  Al-Awlaki’s way #6—giving money to jihadists’ families—is re-printed in one of Al-Misbah’s editions here:

Kenya newsletter highlights al-Awlaki's money jihad

The newsletter reminds readers of the Islamic text stating “Whoever does not fight, sponsor a fighter, or take care of the family of a fighter, will be afflicted with a disaster before he dies.”

One comment

  1. And al-Awlaki sent his list to a Texas Muslim who has been found guilty of materially supporting terrorism.

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