Money Jihad’s two year anniversary

October 12, 2011

Woo-hoo!  Having completed Money Jihad‘s second year on the web, we’ve made it well past the “experimental” stage.  It’s hard to believe we started out two years ago (with my first, but not last, rant against Treasury dufus David S. Cohen).  Thank you, dear readers, for visiting and sticking with this blog.  Special thanks to the indispensable Shariah Finance Watch and to Puneet for their support.  The top-shelf Religion of Peace, Het Vrije Volk, and Creeping Sharia have sent us lots of readers as well–it has been greatly appreciated.

Money Jihad has also finally taken a flying leap—into social networking—by launching its own Twitter feed (@MoneyJihad).  I tried to keep it a little hush-hush at first, but Creeping Sharia crept onto our feed, and was kind enough to tweet their whopping 12,000 followers about our existence.  Anyway, that got us going with a few dozen followers off the bat, but the more the merrier!  I’m blasting out links to informative, disturbing, and amusing articles that we don’t have the time or space to examine fully here on the main blog.  Come join the fun!


  1. Congratulations AD, its a Honor to be mentioned here … In-fact I enjoyed your coverage even more, it was lot of information. Though from last 1 month, i was busy with relocation into new apartment, but now i am back again :)

  2. The people who fight for Islam do so for no material profit of this world, but only as their duty from God, to ensure that humanity (Muslim or non-Muslim) may be able to attain peace and security under the laws of His Divine Justice. (Since laws are supposed to serve those under the law, not the law-makers themselves). On the other hand, the people who spread hate sites must be getting their pockets mighty full. Enjoy the privileges of this very short life! :)

    • This blog isn’t set up for advertisements and we don’t solicit/accept donations.

      On the other hand, men who have “fought for Islam” like Taqi Usmani, Yusuf Qaradawi, and Iran’s clerical elites have made quite a bit of profit in this world…

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