Caravan raids yielded Islamic upshoot

December 12, 2011

Here’s a clever graph and piece from Citizen Warrior last summer which makes some very good points.  It concludes that we should be buying flex fuels.  That certainly wouldn’t hurt, but in the U.S., voting for candidates who would expand domestic oil drilling would do more to decrease our Middle East oil dependence more rapidly.

The Key to Jihad is Money

MONEY IS THE POWER behind jihad. This has been the case since Muhammad began his raids on caravans. Look at the graph below. Before Muslims started gaining plunder, their numbers hardly increased for 13 years. Once the money started coming in, Islam’s success rate skyrocketed.

Upswing in ummah tied to money

Plunder from raids was only part of the cash flow. They also confiscated goods from the Jews they expelled from Medina (and the Jews they slaughtered, taking their women and children as slaves).

The other very crucial part of the Islamic cash flow was the jizya they took from the dhimmis.

All of these forms of income were parasitical. They took wealth from non-Muslims and added it to the cause of Islam.

And it is happening today. The non-Muslims of the world paid OPEC nations three and a half TRILLION dollars last year. That number should make you sit down to catch your breath. It is a literally incomprehensible sum of money. Much of it is now in the hands of orthodox Muslims.

Just like the use of jizya in Muhammad’s time, orthodox Muslims drain the wealth of non-Muslims, keeping them weak and struggling, while strengthening and enriching Islam’s prime directive.

The world is now in a severe and prolonged recession. Why? We’re paying a rapidly growing percentage of our income to Islam.

Do you want this to stop? We need to all become flex fuel fanatics. Petroleum must get competition. It must get so much competition that its strategic status is reduced to just an ordinary commodity like any other (rather than the indispensable commodity everyone must have). This can be done. It MUST be done if we have a hope of stopping the third jihad from succeeding. The key to jihad is money. The key to stopping jihad is stopping the money.


  1. Victory of Mecca only by the virtue of Muslim and that is by wining hearts. Islam is a religion of peace and it attracts only pious human being that is why Hazrat Muhammad PBUH name was always on the top of the list whenever we talk of humanity.

    • You are ignorant or liar. – let you see surah 9.29 and compare it with 9.111, 9.123 and others.

      Surah 9 is claimed to be reveled as an almost LAST ONE.

      So, Muslim is going to be killed or will kill non-Muslims.

      Hence any moderate Is only lying to the Westerners.

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