Irony: Muslim wives told not to squander money

December 20, 2011

This irony alert comes from the religion that Muhammad founded using money from rich woman he married, Khadija.  Islam very well might not have gotten off the ground or waged its earliest wars if it weren’t for the capital Khadija provided.

Granted, Abu Bakr‘s wealth from the family cloth merchant business helped too, but Muhammad only met Abu Bakr through Khadija, because both Khadija and Abu Bakr owned homes in the same ritzy neighborhood of Mecca.

Yet now, Muslim women are being told that they should not be wasteful or squander their husband‘s wealth.  This bit of ungrateful advice comes in this slide from a presentation entitled “The Duties of the Wife in Islam” uploaded to Slideshare a few weeks ago:

Islamic women advised not to squander their husband's cashIf I were a Muslim woman, I’d be so offended that I’d take off my trash bag and drive away in a car.  And if Khadija were alive in Saudi Arabia today, she’d be killed for it.

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