Obama’s flawed sanctions chief ends Arab trip

December 21, 2011

David S. Cohen, a former Clinton lawyer who Pres. Obama entrusted with a sanctions regime that is supposed to provide for the nuclear containment of Iran, is wrapping up a four-day trip to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

The State Department says that Mr. Cohen was conferring with officials in those countries about sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran and against Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria.

Surprisingly, although Bahrain shockingly has no legal means of freezing assets in its own country, there is no indication that Mr. Cohen addressed this shortcoming with officials in Manama.

Mr. Cohen has consistently misled the American public about the level of Saudi cooperation in combating terrorist financing.  Consequently, it will be difficult to judge the truthfulness of whatever statements are released at the conclusion of this trip.

Moreover, after Mr. Cohen back-stabbed U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) during backdoor negotiations on Iran sanctions, one wonders what would make Arab officials trust Mr. Cohen.

Seeking cooperation on sanctions is a good objective, but sending a flawed messenger indicates Pres. Obama’s lack of seriousness about sanctions against Syria and Iran.


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  2. By his Misleading of the American Public, Mr. Cohen is in Lock step with his Commander-N-Thief, Bill Clinton. How could Obama Be Stupid enough to think that the Clintons would Do ANYTHING to assist him Politically! But then, Who thought that he, Obama, would Roll Out O’HilliaryCare and take such a “WELL DESERVED” Political Beating! And Now, The DEMOKRAUTS are so Afraid!!! As they enter the 2014 mid-terms, They actually dump Fuel to the Fire by Invoking the Nuclear Option here at home! I think Israel would be Better Served, If they would demonstrate how to Negotiate with the Enemies Of GOD!!! After All, Israel is the REAL LOSER of Any Negotiations/Consessions made by people who know absolutely nothing about the Immediate Local Dangers that they are creating in that Region Of the world!!!GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

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