The fastest way to send money (& kill infidels)

December 24, 2011

The amounts may not seem large to us.  Muslim Somali women in Minnesota send a few thousand to al-Shabaab.  Muslim used car dealers in Ohio send a few thousand to Hezbollah.  Major Nidal Hassan wired money to Lashkar-e-Taiba before he opened fire at U.S. troops at Ft. Hood.  A Muslim lady in California sends a few thousand through Western Union (whose slogan used to be “the fastest way to send money”) to Pakistan to target U.S. personnel in this latest case.

The small amounts reduce the chance that a money service business (MSB) such as Western Union would file a suspicious transaction report on the customer.  MSBs are subject to the same compliance standards as banks including know-your-customer requirements, so Western Union presumably inspected the California Muslim woman’s ID at the time she sent the wires.  She used an alias twice, which suggests that in addition to supporting terrorism, she possessed a fake ID.

The problem isn’t just Saudi millionaires writing huge donation checks–it’s little businessmen, charity workers, grocery clerks, and pharmacists like this throughout the U.S., Latin America, and Europe, sending their zakat and sadaqa overseas in thousand dollar increments for the cause of Allah.  It adds up…

From Complinet:

Los Angeles-area pharmacist wired funds to Pakistan to finance ‘terrorist’ attacks, prosecutors say

Dec 22 2011 Brett Wolf recommended

A federal grand jury in Los Angeles on Wednesday indicted a Turkish national on terrorism-support charges for allegedly wiring money to Pakistan to help fund attacks against American military personnel. Oytun Ayse Mihalik, 39, of La Palma, California, a permanent resident of the United States, used Western Union to wire more than $2,000 from a grocery store in Buena Park to a person in Pakistan, prosecutors say. They also say she knew that the money “would be used to prepare for and carry out attacks that would kill United States military personnel and other persons overseas.”

Court documents state that Mihalik, a pharmacist who worked at CVS, made three wire transfers – $750, $600, and $700 – to Pakistan in December 2010 and January 2011. They add that the first wire was made in her name, but the latter two were made using the alias “Cindy Palmer.” Names and numbers While Mihalik printed the name “Cindy Palmer” as the sender of the final two wires, Western Union receipts reveal.

Oh, and any chance that Pakistani authorities will arrest the recipient of the transfers?  Heh.  If California prosecutors know that she intended to harm U.S. personnel by funding a Pakistani group, that means her money was probably intended for the Haqqani network, which exists under Pakistani protection and largesse.


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