Saudis should be 9/11 defendants, say lawyers

December 27, 2011

Attorneys for the victims’ families and survivors of the Sept. 11 terror attacks filed documents on Dec. 22 in U.S. federal court for the Southern District of New York to have Saudi Arabia named again as a defendant in the case.

The Associated Press reported last week that “lawyers filed papers on Thursday to reinstate Saudi Arabia as a defendant.”

Saudi Arabia had been dismissed as a defendant in 2005 because Saudi Arabia had not been designated as a sponsor of terrorism by the executive branch.  Lawsuits continued going back and forth until 2009, when Pres. Obama’s Justice Department filed a brief in support of a final dismissal of Saudi Arabia as a defendant because of sovereign immunity.

Although Saudi Arabia has successfully been able to claim sovereign immunity, Iran has not received the same protection.  There is ample evidence that Iran was involved, but naming Iran and excluding Saudi Arabia demonstrates a double standard.

The government of Saudi Arabia and individual princes and princesses helped fund the 9/11 attacks through intermediaries, fronts, and charities including the Saudi Red Crescent Society.  Saudi Arabia also enabled the rise of radical Islam globally by using its oil-related wealth to fund Wahhabism around the world through entities such as the World Muslim League.

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