Saturday reading: Islamic NGOs finance militants

December 31, 2011

This overlooked article from September provides good detail on Islamic charities and nonprofits at work for jihad in Bangladesh.  An informative bit of recommended reading…

Bdnl.net : Islamic NGOs have been playing a major role in militant financing since the 90s but the situation turned critical in 2001 when many internal and foreign NGOs began to directly finance militants. Militant leaders held at different times informed during interrogation that the first organization ssto start militant activities in the country was ‘Islam Prochar Somitee’ which is headquartered in Katabon Mosque.

Rabeta Al Islami began their activities after 1978. This Saudi-based NGO worked primarily to help Rohingya refugees inside Bangladesh and oversee the funds that came from the Muslim world for the refugees. Gulam Azam and Mir Kashem Ali used to collect funds through the organization to protect Islam. Rabeta emerged as a big Islamic NGO by helping the Rohingyas and channeling funds to Islamic parties to protect Islam. It started distributing loans in 1984 and created a large militant network. Rabeta worked to organize the militants returning from Afghanistan after the 90s. They began to finance several militant organizations at the time.

They used Islami Bank Bangladesh and Al-Arafah Bank to finance the organizations. According to arrested militant leaders, they did not know where the money came from though they withdrew money from both the banks. Militant leader Mufti Hannan said that foreign money came to these banks through different NGOs. Other NGOs that helped militants include Rabeta Tauhid Trust, Benevolent Trust, AL Harmain, Kuwait Charitable Trust, Islamic Relief Agency, Kuwait Islamic Agency, Muslim Aid Bangladesh, Islamic Aid Somitee, Associate of Muslim Welfare Association, Dawatul NGO. These NGOs had links with Jammat leaders.

Mufti Abdus Salam said in his confession that US intelligence agency CIA, Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and Saudi Royal Family financed the militants. Several Middle Eastern NGOs also helped to provide money and arms to the militants.

JMB Amir Saidur Rahman said in his confession that militants used to get monetary help through Islami Bank. Islami Bank got the ‘seed-money’ from the Middle East. Millions of dollars came from the Middle East to help Jammat-e-Islami and its student wing Shibir. 230 Jamaat leaders became billionaire through this bank who in turn also helped the militants.

Abu Zandal said in his confession that Jamaat has more powerful militants in it than the ones we know. They have established several banks in the name of Islam and have been helping different NGOs with funds. Among the NGOs that Islamic banks have established are Adarsha Shiksa Porishad, Agro-Industrial Trust, Al-Faruk Society, Al Insan Foundation, Al Markajul, Al amin, Al Mudaraba Foundation Ltd., Al Mazid Society, Al Insan-Sunsi Somitee, Al Harmain, Al Manar Audio Visual, Anzumane Ittehad Bangladesh Association for Welfare of Human Services, Association of Muslim Welfare Agency in Bangladesh, Baitush Sharf Foundation Ltd., Sathia-Bangla Parishad, Bangladesh Krishi Kollan Somitee, Institute of Islamic Front, Center for Human Rights, Bangladesh Moshzid Somaj, Darul Insan Trust, Darul Ifta, Darus Salam Society, Doleshori Multipurpose Co-operative Society, Institute of Islamic Higher Learning Society and International Islamic Relief Organization. These NGOs are helping militant in different ways.

Islamic NGOs and Islami Bank have helped around 50 militant organizations to become established including Islami Biplob Porishad, JMB, Huji, Joishe Mostafa, Loskor-e-Toyeba, Sahadat Al Hiqma, Hijbut Tahrir, Hijbut Tauhid, Al Markajul Al Islami, Jummatul Sadat.

Islami Bank and Islamic NGOs have done the job of keeping and supplying money to militant organizations. The projects undertaken by Islami Bank under the banner of social development project are also intended to help the organizations. Islami Bank and Islamic NGOs also provide the huge amount of money needed for bomb-making, providing raw materials for grenades and bombs, training and running the networks.

The Head of RAB’s Intelligence Department Colonel Ziaur Rahman said that the rapid advance made by militant organizations has stopped for the time being but it does not mean that we have completely uprooted them.

Note that the “Islami Bank” referred to above as financing Rabeta Al Islami and funding bomb networks is the same bank that has spent 8 percent of its corporate zakat on militant Islam.


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