2011: Bashir trial showed CFT truths

January 9, 2012

The 2011 trial of the mastermind behind the 2002 Bali bombing that had killed 202 people revealed important information about how Muslim terrorist financiers operate.  Abu Bakar Bashir’s terrorist training camp in Aceh, Indonesia, was funded primarily by men who believed they were following the laws of Allah in making donations and stealing money to contribute to jihad.

Exposing the solid relationship between Islamic law and terrorist financing has been a main purpose of this blog since its inception, and the Bashir trail demonstrated the link quite clearly.

Dr. Syarif Usman, a member of Bashir’s Jemaah Anshorut Tauhid organization, who provided $23,000 for the Aceh camp, presented his defense at a hearing in early 2011 that his actions were “based on Shariah law.”

Defendant Abdul Haris said “If I move forward and follow the orders of Allah, I will be charged under the Anti-Terror Law. But if I turn back on His orders, then I have to face His wrath.”

Bashir had told Haris that “If you have extra money, you can donate to us and the biggest returns will come from God.”

Bank robberies were committed in behalf of Bashir and the Aceh camp “because they seek interest, which is against Islamic law,” according to Muslim bank robber and Bashir supporter Beben Khairul Banin.

The language of Bashir and his money jihadist supporters closely mirrors the language of the Koran and Hadith.

As such, the trial was all but ignored by the mainstream Western media in 2011, with the best coverage coming from the Jakarta Globe.  Bashir was finally convicted in June and sentenced to 15 years in an Indonesian prison.

Including the Bashir case, 2011 was a somewhat successful year overall for exposing those who used zakat to fund jihad, considering the upholding of the convictions of the Holy Land Foundation leadership on appeal, the convictions of two Muslim Somali women in Minnesota for their terrorist funding, and the sentencing of Oregon-based jihadist Pete Seda to 33 months in federal prison for running a Saudi-satellite terror funding charitable front organization.

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