Pakistan sends more fake cash for India jihad

January 17, 2012

Further evidence of Pakistani counterfeiting of Indian currency to support Islamic terrorist operations has come to light.  The latest news from India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) also implicates Dubai (UAE) as a conduit for the funny money on its route from Karachi back through the Gulf, then on to Kerala in India for distribution to jihadists.

Islamic law permits theft against “disbelievers” and does not accept the legitimacy of infidel paper currencies, which legitimizes counterfeiting as a jihadist tactic.

Thanks to Creeping Sharia (actually, @creepingsharia on Twitter) for the link to this story via Haindava Keralam:

Fake currency for Jihad: NIA identifies kingpin

28/12/2011 01:20:21  Daily Pioneer – Kochi

The NIA has identified the main culprit behind the smuggling of Pakistan-manufactured counterfeit “Indian” currency notes into Kerala. The agency has also reportedly found that the counterfeit currencies were smuggled into Kerala to help Jihadi operations in the State.

The kingpin of the operation was identified as one Aboobacker of Kanhangad in Kasaragod district and the NIA has found him to be residing presently in Dubai. The agency is likely to send a team to Dubai for further investigations. The case had started with the confiscation of counterfeit currencies “worth” Rs 8,96,000 from Thalipparamba, Kannur on September 11.

The agency, which on Tuesday submitted its preliminary probe report in the Special CBI Court (designated NIA court) in Kochi, included two more persons – Aboobacker, also brother of second accused Kamal Haji, and Muthuvankattil Shanavas of Thrissur – as accused in the case.

The NIA has found that the counterfeit currencies, manufactured in Pakistan, were smuggled first into Dubai from Karachi port in containers and then rerouted to Kerala by air. The agency’s information is that such currencies “worth” crores of rupees have been smuggled into Kerala for helping Jihadi operations.

The agency has also learned that first accused Pradeep Kumar and Kamal Haji had gone abroad to examine the “quality” of the counterfeit currencies. The NIA had taken over the investigation of the case after doubts were aired about its possible connections to extremist operations.

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