Analyst uncovers $38 billion retail jihad

March 2, 2012

Yahoo! Finance’s The Daily Ticker recently conducted an interesting interview with Hitha Prabhakar, who says that profits from stolen and resold goods aren’t just benefiting the criminals, but are funding terrorists like Hezbollah and Al Qaeda too.  Zakat is still the primary funding source for jihad around the world, and we don’t know if Ms. Prbhakar acknowledges that in her book, but nonetheless she adds a helpful perspective to the retail jihad worth looking into.  Here’s an excerpt from the article accompanying the interview:

Every one likes a good deal, but if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

At some level, we all know that. But there are many people around the world who can’t pass up a bargain, which is just what the bad guys are counting on, according to a new book by retail expert Hitha Prabhakar, Black Market Billions: How Organized Retail Crime Funds Global Terrorists.

After doing extensive research and following the money trail first-hand, the Bloomberg TV correspondent uncovered a $38 billion black market business that funds not only organized crime, but also terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Al Qaeda as well as drug lords in Central America. And the business is growing, she says, driven by the rise of the Internet, social media and the accessibility to disposable cell phones…

Watch video of the interview with the author and read the full piece here.


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