Another player in the IED money trail

March 8, 2012

More on the money behind the scourge of the IED.  From Radio Free Europe on Mar. 2:

The U.S. government has slapped sanctions on an Afghan national it says has helped manufacture improvised explosive devices for the Taliban.

A statement from the U.S. Treasury said Abdul Samad Achekzai “was responsible for and tasked with IED component procurement and storage, detonator construction, and IED training in support of Taliban fighters in western and southern Afghanistan.”

Adam Szubin, the director of the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, called Achekzai “a key official in the Taliban’s IED supply network” and said he was “responsible for untold death and suffering.”

The sanctions freeze all of Achekzai’s U.S. assets and forbids Americans from doing business with him.

The Treasury statement said Achekzai currently lived in Pakistan’s Balochistan Province.

Isn’t it interesting that Achekzai can live in Pakistan without being arrested for his work with the Taliban to finance the bombing of American and NATO forces?  It’s kind of like Pakistan harboring Bin Laden.

Also, since Pakistan has been blacklisted by FATF for failing to criminalize terrorist financing, Mr. Acheckzai is free to keep is assets in any of Pakistan’s several sharia banks without fear of freezes, fines, or forfeitures of his money.  This sanction by the U.S. Treasury is informative, but unfortunately may have zero genuine impact on Acheckzai’s IED checkbook.


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