Jihad financier back on streets in 5 years

March 13, 2012

Shabaaz Hussain has been sentenced to five years in prison for his role in financing al-Shabaab and East African jihad.  The judge was understated in his comments.  Hussain clearly knew what he was doing.  This case is more evidence why Western banks must not allow remittances to Somalia.  The money transferred would certainly be used to fund terrorism.  Banks in Minnesota should be applauded for their decision to end such wire transfers.

From the BBC on Mar. 9:

Shabaaz Hussain: Somalia terrorism funder jailed

Shabaaz Hussain
Shabaaz Hussain had 26 speeches by extremist preacher Abu Hamza

A former teaching assistant has been jailed for five years and three months for donating £9,000 to fund terrorism in Somalia.

Shabaaz Hussain, 28, gave the money in 2010 to three of his friends who left the UK to allegedly become involved in terrorism in the east African country.

Extremist material was also found in his flat in Stepney, east London.

Evidence was gathered against Hussain when police secretly recorded conversations he had in his car.

Passing sentence at Woolwich Crown Court the judge, Mr Justice Calvert-Smith, said: “These were, as you realised, substantial sums for people living, most likely, in basic conditions in countries like Somalia and Kenya.

“You certainly realised, in my judgment, that some of it would be used either directly or indirectly to help to resource acts of terrorism.”

‘Somali Three’

Hussain confessed to seven counts of fundraising for terrorists.

In total he donated £9,114 which went to Muhammed Jahangir, Tufual Ahmed, and Mohammed Shahim, known as “The Somali Three”.

At a previous hearing, prosecutor Sarah Whitehouse described Hussain’s home as “practically dripping” with extremist material.

The hoard included 26 speeches by extremist preacher Abu Hamza, the court heard.

The prosecution said the home Hussain shared with his parents and brothers also contained a video of Osama bin Laden berating the US, and jihadist manifestos.

Imran Khan, defending, said Hussein was looking after the extremist material for others and there was no evidence he had actually viewed any of it.

He had donated the money as subsistence funds for the trio, “with the suspicion that they might be used for others in the general support of terrorism”.

Hussain denied four counts of providing funds for terrorism and engaging in the preparation of terrorism, which the prosecution said will remain on file.

Hussain had previously worked as a teaching assistant, but did not have a job at the time of the offences.


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