Energy self-sufficiency in sight

March 18, 2012

Even NPR is admitting that the United States has enough oil and domestic energy sources to achieve energy independence or “self-sufficiency.”

This Morning Edition report from Mar. 7 even goes as far as acknowledging that the increase in domestic energy production is due to American entrepreneurship.  Take a listen:

The concept of “peak oil,” or the idea that oil is a finite resource that will run out in short order, is a myth that has been propagated since the days of the very earliest oil discoveries.  Although NPR doesn’t go as far as to dispute the peak oil concept, their reporting clearly challenges the notion by showing that innovation can help access oil reserves that weren’t available with old technology.

The experts they talked to indicated that the U.S. could become the leading hydrocarbon producer by 2020.  The risk of price shocks induced by OPEC or the Arab nations of the world won’t vanish, but such shocks would become less damaging going forward.

And of course, the more we can fuel ourselves, the less profits will go to the Middle East which uses the funds to export Wahhabi causes, jihad, and terrorism.

Access related coverage and charts about the importance of American self-dependence and getting off of sharia oil here.


  1. The problem is that we have a pro-Muslim/anti-American president, backed up by a pro-Muslim/anti-American party with a majority in the US Senate. And don’t get me started about all of the Muslim Brotherhood moles who have infiltrated the State Department and other federal agencies and bureaus.

    We are looking at what Gramfan (one of our bloggers) calls the red/green/green axis: Communist/eco-radical/pro-Muslim – and they all get together to stop the US, Canada, and Australia from using their own energy resources.

    • I think the dream scenario for the Muslim wizards behind the Arab Spring is that they take over the countries with genuine oil resources. Then they will use OPEC to induce an oil shock and damage Western economies as much as they can (while abusing their own non-Muslim and semi-secular Muslim populations).

      One solution, apart from war, is simple domestic energy production in the countries you mentioned and in the North Sea. Also, getting Chavez out of Venezuela and patching up some Latin American relationships would help with the security & independence of the hemisphere.

      But it will require significant ballot box victories first.

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