Treasury reports no blocked Taliban funds

March 26, 2012

Although American officials have blocked millions of dollars in Al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah assets, two of the wealthiest jihadist organizations in the world, the Taliban and al-Shabaab, are not listed in the U.S. Treasury Department’s 2011 report on blocked terrorist assets.  Here’s a graphic from the report showing whose funds have actually been blocked under various U.S. sanctions:

Frozen assets

What has been frozen from the Taliban plus two dollars will buy you a cup of coffee.

But in their defense, the U.S. can only freeze or confiscate money that flows through its own financial institutions or correspondent banks.  It may be that members of the Taliban and al-Shabaab have been more circumspect about where and who they bank with, and whether they use banks at all.

But should U.S. officials continue to take victory laps about “unprecedented” sanctions and financial pressure being brought to bear against the enemies of the West when government figures don’t even show a penny being blocked from the Taliban’s clutches?

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  1. […] international sanctions Reports in 2012 revealed that the Taliban’s funding remains intact, that none of the Taliban’s assets have been blocked by U.S. sanctions, that the Taliban retains its taxing […]

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