Essa Nagri Christians pay jizya at gunpoint

March 28, 2012

Don’t believe the lies from the Muslim apologists who claim that the jizya hasn’t been imposed since the 1800s.  The jizya humiliation tax is imposed today in locations from Egypt to the Philippines with government approval.  From the British Pakistani Christian Association on Mar. 25:

Jizya Tax imposed on Christians in Essa Nagri, Karachi.

Essa Nagri is a densly populated Christian community in Karachi. The total population of Essa Nagri is said to be close to 50,000 men, women and children.

Christians living there suffer great poverty, however, they are strong believers and church attendance is very good.  Essa nagri is served by over 15 established churches of varying denominations; Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Church of Pakistan, Philadelphia Pentecostal, Seventh Day Adventist, Salvation Army.  In addition to this many other large and small Ministries are also working in Essa Nagri.

During the last six months, Essa Nagri people have been subjected to increasing attacks from local Islamic militants. The militants are entering Essa Nagri with guns, machine guns, pistols and other modern weapons.  They enter the Christian colony and loot the community.  Incidents include; snatching mobile phones, obtaining Jizya tax (Islamic religious tax for protection of minorities) under duress – often at gun point and violent attacks on innocent victims simply for fun.  As they leave they celebrate their haul by firing their guns in the air and whooping!  This is causing significant fear in the local community…

And those jizya payments are funneled right back into the grand jihad.

Read the rest at http://britishpakistanichristian.blogspot.com/.


  1. Non-muslims pay jizya in India. It is not generally perceived as such because it is concealed in the tax that Indians pay. The government appropriates part of the taxes to support Islamic causes. The fault, it must be noted, is not directly of the Muslims of India. The Indian government is the party at fault since it decides what is done with tax revenues. The irony is that the ultimate victim (the non-muslims) are the perpetrators of this injustice since they themselves allow this jizya to continue.

  2. Throw the Muslims out of India.


    Any army has specified divisions of responsibility, from cooks to paymasters; from ordinary ground troops to Special Forces divisions; armored divisions; naval and air forces. A cook is no less a soldier than is a front line sniper.
    Is a cook a “moderate soldier?” And is a sniper an “extremist soldier?” Not at all. They both are sworn to the same cause and provide an invaluable service to the country they belong and serve.
    As the U.S. is a “country,” and has an army, so is Islam a country and has an army. The objective of Islam is to be the last country standing, after having enslaved and/or murdered and looted the citizens of all others.
    While the United States armed forces have uniforms and insignia and hit the beaches of Europe and the Islands of the Pacific with flags waving, Islam sends their troops into enemy territory through the immigration process disguised as people wishing for liberty and a better life. Islamists are taught that they are at eternal war with all others and that war is deception. Muhammad was admittedly a master deceiver and it is written that Allah is the greatest deceiver of all.
    When Muhammad was militarily weak, he put a peaceful face on Islam. As he grew stronger, that “face” was abrogated. The stronger he got the more vicious and brutal he became.
    That’s the strategy the army of Islam is using to subdue every western country it has targeted. Over the past 40 years, Sweden has invited approximately 500,000 army of Islam troops to settle in Sweden. With such numbers, the army of Islam has torn off the “peace” mask and is tearing Sweden to shreds. The same with Norway, England, Holland, Denmark, and France.
    Just like any invading army, the Army of Islam has military outposts in the invaded territory. We call ours “military bases,” the Army of Islam calls theirs “Islamic Centers” or “Mosques.” We bring in our troops to these bases to maintain a hold existing territory and to expand the territory we aim to control. We use our bases for supply, housing, training, propaganda/intelligence gathering and staging points. Each fort or military base flies our flag and is considered U.S. soil.
    The Army of Islam uses their “Islamic Centers/Mosques” for the same purpose. They fly the Islamic flag (The crescent moon and Luciferian star on the Minarets) and consider it sovereign Islamic territory, Islamic soil.
    Western politicians and moronic academics are philosophically allied with the Army of Islam. They would have you believe that there are “good” (moderate) Muslims and “Bad” (extremist) Muslims.
    That would be like Roosevelt, and Churchill trying to convince people that there were “good” NAZI’s (those who weren’t shooting at us) and “bad” NAZI’s (those who were). Even an idiot would know that was a lie.
    During WWII, would the United States have invited in 15,000,000 NAZI’s to settle in our country to pursue a better life and not even blink when, instead, they built NAZI military forts; flew the NAZI flag and preached to the world that it was their aim to destroy America? Proportionately, that’s precisely what Sweden and Norway have done and what England, Holland, Denmark and France are doing.
    Islam is no more a “religion” than North Korea is a religion. But like North Korea, it was created by a psychopath whose sole aim was to force his perverted will on the rest of mankind, enslave loot and murder everyone who refused to surrender to him and his creed of perversion, hate, and death.
    It’s way past time that the west unites to eradicate the scourge of Islam from our planet.

  3. Those people belong to ANP ( AWAMI NATIONAL PARTY)

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  5. Good Morning, I just stopped by to visit your blog and thought I’d say I enjoyed myself.

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