Jewel thiefs & bank robbers do it all for jihad

April 1, 2012

Indonesian Islamists continue to illustrate how robbery for jihad is part of the fabric of Islamic law.  From the AP via ABC News on Mar. 19:

Police fatally shot five men who were suspected of planning robberies of money changers, jewelers and other targets on Indonesia’s resort island of Bali so they could fund terrorist attacks, officials said Monday.

Several semiautomatic guns, ammunition magazines and masks also were found during raids on a bungalow and a boarding house late Sunday, said Saud Usman Nasution, a national police spokesman.

“We believe they were trying to get money to finance other (terrorist) activities,” he said, adding the alleged ringleader, Hilman Jayakusuma, had been on a most-wanted list for more than two years.

The elite anti-terror unit opened fire after the suspects tried to escape with guns blazing, said Hariadi, a police spokesman on Bali. It was not immediately disclosed if any officers were wounded.

Nasution said Jayakusuma, 32, was believed to be connected to a militant group uncovered in February 2010 after a jihadi training camp was discovered in westernmost province of Aceh.

According to convicted militants, the cell’s goal had been to raise money through armed robberies and other illegal activities so they could launch a series of gun attacks on Western targets and carry out high-profile assassinations.

There is more, including how police were able to track down the Muslims responsible for a string of robberies in Sumatra.

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