Audio: Taliban controls Afghanistan at night, says former official

April 17, 2012

The Taliban, one of the world’s only major terrorist organizations for which the U.S. has been unable to block any funding, controls all of Afghanistan during the nighttime, according to a former Taliban leader.

Speaking to South Africa’s Radio Islam on Apr. 10, ex-Taliban envoy and current Kabul Center research fellow Wahid Muzdha said that the Afghan government and “foreign forces” may control some parts of Afghanistan in the daytime, but a night, the whole area is under the control of the Taliban:

This claim is especially disturbing given the recent announcement that U.S. forces will curtail their nighttime operations in deference to Afghan cultural sensitivities.

The U.S. military has done and is doing superb work in Afghanistan.  But the financial veins of the Taliban have never been severed.  The Taliban is able to procure weapons, IED components, and pay better wages to young men than the Karzai government can (despite massive international aid to the government).  The population believes that the Taliban has the staying power that the West has always lacked, which bodes poorly for peace.

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