Persian Gulf oil imports down to 16%

April 23, 2012

The United States imports only 40 percent of its oil from OPEC with only 16 percent of gross imports coming from the Persian Gulf OPEC nations of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, and Qatar, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

The Congressional Research Service graphically portrayed the data in a chart included in an Apr. 4 report on oil imports and exports:

American global energy dependence graph

The U.S. has enjoyed seven consecutive years of reduced oil purchases from foreign sources.  The U.S. can continue reducing energy dependence by tapping oil resources on private lands from Texas to North Dakota.

But the U.S. could attain 100 percent replacement of Persian Gulf oil if political leaders commit to expanded energy production offshore, on federal lands, and eased the permit process for pipelines and refineries.  That would be an essential step in reducing American reliance on Persian Gulf oil and reducing the profits that Saudis and their neighbors have available to funnel to terrorists.

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