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Audio: Taliban controls Afghanistan at night, says former official

April 17, 2012

The Taliban, one of the world’s only major terrorist organizations for which the U.S. has been unable to block any funding, controls all of Afghanistan during the nighttime, according to a former Taliban leader.

Speaking to South Africa’s Radio Islam on Apr. 10, ex-Taliban envoy and current Kabul Center research fellow Wahid Muzdha said that the Afghan government and “foreign forces” may control some parts of Afghanistan in the daytime, but a night, the whole area is under the control of the Taliban:

This claim is especially disturbing given the recent announcement that U.S. forces will curtail their nighttime operations in deference to Afghan cultural sensitivities.

The U.S. military has done and is doing superb work in Afghanistan.  But the financial veins of the Taliban have never been severed.  The Taliban is able to procure weapons, IED components, and pay better wages to young men than the Karzai government can (despite massive international aid to the government).  The population believes that the Taliban has the staying power that the West has always lacked, which bodes poorly for peace.


Libya spends $1.4b on Islamist rebels & waste

April 16, 2012

Remember the $135 million in U.S. financial aid promised to Libyan rebels and their newly forming Islamist government?  Or perhaps you’ll remember the €70 million ($90 million USD) from the European Commission humanitarian aid department (ECHO), €20 million from Sweden, over $15 million from the U.K. in aircraft and ships, and other EU member aid for a sum of $195 million in total European aid to Libya?  Well, you can kiss it all good-bye.  It has vanished.

The Libyan National Transitional Council, which has received and doled out much of the international aid to the Islamist rebels who fought Qaddafi, has bled over a billion dollars in recent months.  The NTC has squandered so much money that it will suspend its welfare for Muslim militiamen.  Corruption in the third world is one thing, but handing out over a billion dollars—much of it in foreign aid from developed countries dealing with their own debt crises—to heavily armed Islamic fighters is an insane abomination.

From RT on Apr. 14:

Libya freezes rewards for ex-rebels over mass fraud

Libya’s National Transitional Council has suspended a multi-million-dollar payout program to former anti-Gaddafi rebels after admitting it was steeped in fraud. Officials cited duplicate payouts, and claims from impostors and even the dead.

­Since last year’s overthrow of longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi, the National Transition Council, Libya’s temporary replacement government, has promised to reward ordinary citizens who joined the rebellion.

The program began three months ago, with former rebels being given a one-time payment of up to $3,200 – a sizable sum for Libya. NTC has already paid out $1.4 billion.

Now, the handouts have stopped.

“Millions of dinars allocated to revolutionaries were lost in illegitimate payments to non-beneficiaries,” announced NTC spokesman Mohammed Harizi.

Paying people money based on nothing but unverifiable information that they fought in the civil war always appeared an idea ripe for abuse. Since the war was fought largely by ragtag groups of militiamen, many units did not even write down the names of those who joined them, much less outline their exact role in the conflict.

The NTC delegated the job of making reward lists to the tribal councils who recruited the militias in the first place.

Whether through lack of information or integrity, the lists have been a disaster. The NTC claims that some legitimate claimants were not selected, other names were listed more than once, and some names belong to people who hadn’t shot a bullet in the conflict.

“The corruption is too much,” said Harizi. “Some of the people on the lists aren’t even alive.”

This follows the fiasco of a similar program that provided treatment abroad for the war wounded. Instead of those who suffered real injuries, many entirely healthy Libyans with good connections to the tribal leaders who decided the lists got sponsored trips abroad. The program has also now been curtailed.

Following the announcement, some former rebel fighters who missed out on their payouts staged a protest outside the NTC headquarters in Tripoli, reportedly shooting at the building.

The NTC has promised to restructure the reward program in the coming months, but it is unclear how they will obtain more reliable information for future lists.


Michigan State declined Iran-backed Dubai campus bailout

April 15, 2012

Good for MSU and Lou Simon.  If they had accepted the funds, it’s very likely that Michigan State could have been held responsible for violations of sanctions laws and an even greater financial risk.  Not to mention the moral problem of working with an investor that may have been helping Iran gain money and scientific resources to acquire nuclear weapons to destroy Israel.

Normally we hear about undue influence from Saudi (Sunni) money on Western universities, but apparently Iran has tried buying academic influence as well.  From Bloomberg on Apr. 8, which says American universities are “infected” by foreign spies:

Michigan State University President Lou Anna K. Simon contacted the Central Intelligence Agency in late 2009 with an urgent question.

The school’s campus in Dubai needed a bailout and an unlikely savior had stepped forward: a Dubai-based company that offered to provide money and students.

Simon was tempted. She also worried that the company, which had investors from Iran and wanted to recruit students from there, might be a front for the Iranian government, she said. If so, an agreement could violate federal trade sanctions and invite enemy spies.

The CIA couldn’t confirm that the company wasn’t an arm of Iran’s government. Simon rejected the offer and shut down undergraduate programs in Dubai, at a loss of $3.7 million…


Two Filipinos killed during jizya tax billing

April 13, 2012

Abu Sayyaf, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, or some other group of Philippine jihadists is trying to force bus companies to pay jizya to them in exchange for “protecting” their passengers by not bombing them.  But that didn’t stop the Muslim fanatics from detonating a bomb and killing two passengers as a warning shot first.  From NaharNet with a hat tip to Rantburg yesterday:

Two Dead, 5 Wounded in Southern Philippine Bus Bombing

Two people were killed and five others were wounded when a bomb exploded on a bus in the southern Philippines on Wednesday, the regional military commander said.

The explosion occurred as the bus was pulling into a terminal in Carmen, a town on the restive island of Mindanao that is home to a long-running Muslim insurgency, Lieutenant Colonel Benjie Hao told reporters.

The regional military spokesman initially reported that 10 people were killed and two wounded, but Hao said the death toll of two was confirmed after soldiers reached the scene of the blast.

The bomb was apparently planted inside the bus, according to Hao.

Although there were no immediate suspects in the blast, Hao said that extortionists had previously carried out such bombings to force the bus company to pay them protection money.

The incident took place in a region where Muslim separatist rebels and heavily-armed outlaw groups are active, often resorting to extortion, kidnapping and banditry to raise funds.

“Extortionists”=jihadists.  “Protection money”=jizya.  “Outlaw groups”=those acting in accordance with Islamic law…


Jizya resurfaces in yet another country

April 12, 2012

Lately it’s been Egypt.  Prior to that it was Cyprus.  Before that it was Pakistan, Iraq, the Philippines, and Yemen.

Now it may be Syria, where the discriminatory jizya tax is reportedly being imposed on Christians in Homs by the “Free” Syrian Army.  Qatar and Saudi Arabia have armed jihadist rebels against the Assad regime, and the West has helped fund them.

Remember this story from February?  The U.K. is giving £2 million to help FSA rebels who appear to be simultaneously profiting from the Christians under their boots.

David Cameron announces £2m fund to help Syrian civilians

The UK will provide funding for medical supplies and food for 20,000 people affected by fighting in the Syrian city of Homs, David Cameron has said.

The prime minister said the situation in Syria was “appalling” and described what was happening as “butchery”.

Speaking alongside French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Mr Cameron said the international community could do more to “get rid of this brutal dictator”.

Syrian government troops are trying to dislodge rebels rebels from Homs.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s authorities have responded to anti-government protests – which they blame on “extremists and terrorists” – with overwhelming military force since they began in March 2011.

As Mr Cameron spoke, Syrian troops resumed heavy shelling of the city, activists say, a day after the UN General Assembly called for an end to violence.

Parts of Homs have been battered by mortars and rockets fired by Syrian government troops for nearly two weeks, as they try to dislodge hundreds of rebels from the Free Syrian Army.

The BBC’s Jim Muir, in neighbouring Lebanon, says the passing of the resolution at the UN General Assembly clearly is not affecting events on the ground, but it gave all parties a chance to air their views.

The motion, which was voted for by 137 member states, called on the Syrian authorities “to stop all violence or reprisals immediately, in accordance with the League of Arab States initiative”.

Russia and China were among the 12 states who voted against the non-binding resolution. There were also 17 abstentions.

On Friday, France and the UK urged the Syrian opposition to unite and said it needed more international support to resist suppression.

Um, you mean to at least not engage in suppression themselves?

“We cannot bring about a Syrian revolution… if the Syrian revolution does not make an effort to rally together and organise so that we can better help them,” French President Nicolas Sarkozy told reporters after the bilateral talks.

Mr Cameron said: “We need to take all the action we can to put the maximum pressure on Assad to go, and to stop the butchery that is taking place…

Butchery and highway robbery that appears to be a two-way street.  That’s your tax euros at work.


Safety smokescreen for Conviasa ban

April 11, 2012

The European Union has imposed an “operating ban” against the Venezuelan airline Conviasa.  This is the same airline that former ambassador Roger Noriega  said “conducts regular flights between Caracas and Damascus and Teheran. The Hezbollah networks use these flights and others to ferry operatives, recruits, and cargo in and out of the region.”  Amb. Noriega also suggested that Conviasa has been used to traffic cocaine from Venezuela to West Africa.

The new Conviasa ban has been attributed in public to questions about airline safety, but anti-money laundering insider Kenneth Rijock has pointed out on his blog that the ban may actually have been imposed due to the transport of nuclear materials from Venezuela to Iran with a stopover in Europe, or due to bulk gold smuggling by the airline to help buoy a faltering Iranian economy.  From Mr. Rijock on Apr. 4:


…The ban fails to specify exactly what operating conditions, ramp inspections, or other events caused this action, but the grounds may be much more disturbing than flight safety deficiencies.

Any one of these may have been the reason to ban Conviasa from EU airports:

  1. Seats on Conviasa’s curious long-haul operation between Caracas, Damascus and Tehran, have a history of being inaccessible to civilian passengers. It has served as a conduit for Iranian nationals,  traveling for any number of reasons, including evasion of international sanctions, to gain access to the Western Hemisphere. Visas are freely available at the Venezuelan Embassy in Tehran for official travelers; I have seen a few of them on brand-new Iranian passports.
  2. Anti-Terrorism experts believe that agents of the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps, especially the Quds Force, its international wing, have entered Venezuela in that manner. Remember also that there is a Hezbollah Venezuela, and this is probably the only direct, open access for members of specially designated global terrorist organisations to travel from the Middle East to Latin America. The arrest and detention, at the US-Mexican border, of non-Spanish speaking Middle Eastern nationals suspected of terrorist affiliations, carrying valid Venezuelan passports, validates this belief. Hamas, ETA, whomever the terrorist group du jour happens to be currently in favour with the Chavez regime.
  3. These wide-body A340 aircraft have been engaged in heavy cargo airlift of military materiel either way, eastbound or westbound. Most experts have heard rumours of missiles to Venezuela; small arms to Syria and Iran; what else has been shipped into Iran, evading the international sanctions ? These aircraft are exempt from normal customs procedures in Venezuela, so frankly, anything goes.
  4. Gold has been known to have been shipped in bulk to Iran; we can also assume that bulk cash, in the form of US Dollars, is also traveling from the Chavez regime to Iran. Remember, due to the sanctions, Iran is in dire need of “Greenbacks” to purchase goods and services in the global marketplace for cash. They are getting some of those needs met from Iraqi sources, but their international purchases from suppliers willing to do business surely do not involve credit.
  5. My best guess is that the EC does not want a nuclear accident at one of the EU airports, due to a mishap involving a Conviasa aircraft carrying Uranium to Iran, or even a nuclear device or component to Venezuela, whose leadership has longed to have the nuclear option. Is that really why Conviasa is now banned from EU airports ?

Should a Conviasa aircraft make a forced landing, or suffer an accident between Caracas and the Middle East, whether through equipment malfunction, or pilot error, we need to see what it is carrying on board, preferably with inspectors carrying radiation-measuring equipment, before its cargo is released. I wonder what will then happen to the Conviasa board of directors and the pilot in command.


Halal food profits funneled to Hamas?

April 10, 2012

The Muslim Association of Canada, which admits that its roots can be found in the global Muslim Brotherhood, is a primary halal food certifying entity in Canada.  It has also been a major financial contributor to IRFAN, a “charity” that was stripped of its tax-exempt status by Canadian revenue authorities partly due to its ties with Hamas.

TGMBDR has the story here, and Point de Bascule this chart depicting the connections:

Chart by Point de Bascule

The distance between halal foods, sharia finance, and terror funding shrinks with every passing day.


Thai Islamists get cash bonus for car bombs

April 9, 2012

Muslim fanatics in southern Thailand are getting one million bahts (over 30,000 USD) as a bonus for their IED attacks.  The group receiving the bonuses is probably the Barisan Revolusi Nasional (BRN), a network that began advocating Islamic socialism in the 1960s, but now appears to be just another militant Islamist front.

From yesterday’s Bangkok Post with a h/t to Rantburg.:

Bombers on B1 million incentives

Separatist militants who make car bombs and launch successful attacks in the deep South receive a one-million-baht bonus for their work, a southern intelligence agency says.

A source at the agency, who asked not to be named, said on Sunday the militants would go to the Thai-Malaysian border to receive their wages. But he refused to name the location or who was paying the reward.

The source said there was only one insurgent group active in the three southern border provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala, plus four districts of Songkhla, including Chana, Na Thawi, Saba Yoi and Thepha — the separatist Barasi Revolusi Nasional (BRN).

The group was led by Masae U-seng, a long-time key suspect in the sectarian violence in the region, and Sapae-ing Basor, the former principal of Thamawittaya Foundation School in Yala.

Security authorities early this week said Mr Masae was the mastermind behind last Saturday’s bombing at Hat Yai that left three died and hundreds of others injured. Intelligence reports indicate Mr Masae had sent insurgents from Narathiwat and Yala to pose as businessmen to gather information in Hat Yai to prepare for another attack.

The Police Operations Centre for the Southern Border Provinces has issued a warning to authorities and the public to look for five stolen pickup trucks that could be used in more car bomb attacks.

The source said the Pattani United Liberation Organisation (Pulo) was one of the groups calling for a free and independent Pattani in the international political arena and had a role in seeking funds for the southern separatist movement. The group has offices in Sweden and Germany and acts as a middleman in negotiations, he added.


The BRN is financially active.  Pattaya Today offered this background last year.  According to the report, BRN gets some zakat funding from Islamic NGOs and enforces “protection payments” (jizya) against local residents and rubber plantation owners:

An umbrella insurgent group in the deep South spent more than 85 million baht on violent actions last year, an intelligence source in the Region 4 Internal Security Operations Command says.

The source said spending by the Barasi Revolusi Nasional (BRN) last year had been assessed by the intelligence unit and amounted to more than 85 million baht. The money came from contributions by drug trafficking rings, local businesses, individual residents and local government agencies.

Residents in certain areas were required to pay one baht protection fee a day, while owners of para rubber plantations were required to pay a 3,000 baht protection fee each month, the source said.

The BRN even has a revenue department. It keeps part of the money for activities in the provinces with the rest going to the group’s headquarters. The core leaders also sought financial support from non-profit organisations in Europe and other countries.

Donations from non-profit organisations was intended to support Islamic education in some pondok schools, but the BRN had managed to get a share of the money and spend it on insurgent activities.


Zakat used in Ethiopia to bribe Christians to Islam

April 8, 2012

Ethiopia, one of the oldest Christian nations on Earth, is under assault by foreign Wahhabi elements dropping money and incentives to lure local impoverished Christians to Islam.  In this video, the archbishop of Addis Ababa describes the problem, which he characterizes as proselytism to Islam “by financial means”:

H/t to the eceProject for uploading the original video last year.  The archbishop also explains the desire of the Wahhabis to impose sharia law on Ethiopia.


Terror twins raised cash for Somali jihad

April 5, 2012

From Minnesota to the United Kingdom, the Somali Muslim diaspora continues to flout the counter-terror finance and money laundering laws of their host nations in order to fund ruthless al-Shabaab elements back in their home country.

The hospitality and freedom of the West is being routinely exploited by these Muslim immigrants who fund a bloody movement by al-Shabaab against non-Muslims in East Africa.  Meanwhile, left wing politicians want to liberalize laws on remittances and make it easier for Somali immigrants to wire money overseas.  It’s time to say, “No more.”

Two charged in Somalia terror probe

Scotland Yard believes it has smashed a gang allegedly trying to fund terrorism in Somalia.

Mohammed Shafiq Ali, who works for a security firm used by Transport for London, and his unemployed twin brother Mohammed Shabir Ali appeared in court on Wednesday charged with terrorism offences.

Prosecutors say the 24-year-olds plotted to raise funds through a “Darwar” religious stall in the UK and assist their older brother to commit acts of terrorism in Somalia with the cash.

They also allegedly possessed a document called 44 Ways To Support Jihad. The text was written by American-born Anwar al Awlaki, who was killed last year in a drone strike after leading al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula.

The twins attended separate hearings at London’s Westminster Magistrates’ Court, where both were remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey on April 20.

Shabir Ali, of Bohn Road in Tower Hamlets, east London, appeared in the dock first, dressed in a white jacket, grey T-shirt and grey tracksuit bottoms. The father of three children, all aged under five, spoke only to confirm his name and address but appeared to acknowledge a young man who saluted him from the public gallery, where his wife was also watching proceedings.

Prosecutor Louise Gray said Shabir Ali’s older brother, Mohammed Shamim, was believed to be in Somalia and Shabir Ali took “proactive steps to support his brother by thinking of how to raise money through ‘Darwar’ stalls and wanting to learn how to send money out there”.

His twin, who lives at the same address and has been employed by Carlisle Security for five years, appeared later, dressed in a white T-shirt and black trousers. His 19-year-old pregnant wife also watched proceedings from the public gallery.

Ms Gray said Shafiq Ali had shown “moral support” to his older brother.

The twins’ alleged offences, which carry a sentence of up to life imprisonment, are said to have taken place between August 20 2008 and June 21 last year. A Scotland Yard spokesman said a 30-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman remained in police custody.


Islamic charity chief joins top 5 bounty list

April 4, 2012

The founding member of the jihadist terror organization Lashkar-e-Taiba has a new $10 million bounty on his head.  He joins only four other terrorists for whom the U.S. offers eight-figure bounties.

Voice of America reports that Hafiz Mohammad Saeed “currently heads the Jamaat-ud-Dawa charity which is largely seen as a front for the militant group.”

In that respect, Saeed is the only “charity” leader to make the top 5 list for biggest terror bounties.  VOA offers this list:

Top U.S. Rewards for Justice Bounties

  • Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaida leader – up to $25 million.
  • Abu Du’a, senior leader of al-Qaida in Iraq – up to $10 million.
  • Mullah Omar, Taliban leader – up to $10 million.
  • Hafiz Mohammad Saeed, mastermind of 2008 Mumbai attacks – up to $10 million.
  • Yasin al-Suri, senior al-Qaida facilitator based in Iran – up to $10 million.