Obama’s scary settlement strategy

May 15, 2012

Once again, the Obama administration has caved into a settlement with a perfidious Islamic entity in a probable terror financing case.

The first time was when the Department of Justice settled with Islamic Investment Company of the Gulf (IICG).

This time it’s a settlement with KindHearts—the successor organization to the Holy Land Foundation, which was convicted on multiple counts for funding terrorism.

The Bush administration had a very different strategy involving investigations, raids, sanctions, and legal proceedings against Islamic charities and leaders that funded jihad.

The valuable GMBDR website has described the extensive links between KindHearts, the Global Relief Foundation (another dreadful Islamic charity), the Holy Land Foundation, and Hamas:

  •  “The founder and CEO of KindHearts is an individual identified as Khaled Smaili who… was a former official of the Global Relief Foundation, designated by the U.S. government a terrorist organization for its support of both Hamas and Al Qaida…”
  • “The KindHearts fundraising coordinator was identified as Mohammed El-Mezain convicted in the HLF trial providing material support to Hamas.”
  • KindHearts presented the Bridgeview Mosque Foundation with its “Mosque of the Year” award… The Chicago Tribune has documented extensive connections of the Bridgeview mosque to support of Hamas terrorism.”

Despite their deeply disturbing ties, the leaders of KindHearts are free to start a new charity if they wish according to the terms of the settlement.

Hamas should be pleased to hear that their financial spigot from America could be open again soon, especially since its Iranian funding is on the decline.

Although he’s broken several campaign promises and flip-flopped on policy issues, Pres. Obama appears to be sticking to his word about making it easier for Muslims to fulfill their zakat obligations.


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