Hong Kong goes whole hog on halal

May 16, 2012

The Hong Kong seal of halal approval


Hong Kong is supposedly courting oil sheiks, princes, and Muslim bankers by selling halal foods.  Conveniently, the halal certifying agencies are making millions of dollars in the process to certify the halal compliance of Hong Kong restaurants and groceries.  Apologies for overlooking what Shariah Finance Watch had to say last month about the story:

We suppose that when you live under an atheist, communist system, it makes no difference to you whether the food is halal or haram. Add in a dash of capitalism and presto! You get a foothold for Shariah-compliance in a city-state with virtually no Muslim population. Such is the nature of the petrodollar driven Islamic imperialism…It’s a formula that has worked quite well in the largely Christian West, so it should not be shocking that it is working in the new capitalist, but still politically communist, China.

But Hong Kong’s flirtation with sharia doesn’t stop with halal foods.  Hong Kong is also exploring a major sukuk issuance and considering special tax preferences for sharia finance products.  Again from SFW:

…Hong Kong appears to be taking a major step backward in terms of capitalism by moving to embrace Shariah-Compliant Finance, a system that brazenly seeks to replace capitalism with a system governed by a barbaric, primitive doctrine.

Central to Hong Kong’s plan to embrace Shariah is a proposal to change the city-state’s tax laws to give preferential treatment to Sukuk (Islamic bonds). This is a tactic that we’ve seen crop up in other countries; readers may recall that South Korea rejected just such a proposal last year.

But Hong Kong is unlikely to reject accommodating Shariah in the financial world. The intoxicating allure of petrodollars in the hands of those who seek to spread Shariah around the globe is just too much to resist for some…

Consider these items with the video we posted recently showing a well-funded campaign to convert people on the streets of Hong Kong.

It stands to reason that there are heavily financed and very powerful forces at work behind the scenes in Hong Kong to create a “movement” toward halal food, sharia finance, and Islamic proselytization in, as SFW pointed out, a location with zero indigenous Muslim population.

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