7/7 terror widow funds jihad against Kenya

May 17, 2012

Samantha Lewthwaite: The face behind the financing

Christian Africa is in peril and under pressure from constant Islamist aggression—particularly in East African nations of Kenya and Ethiopia.  Al-Shabaab, a jihadist terrorist organization that operates out of Somalia, often attempts to destabilize these Christian neighbors.  Wahhabi money is also flowing into the Christian areas to increase the number of Muslim converts and to whip the small indigenous Muslim populations into a frenzy for jihad.

Several Muslim Somali immigrants to Europe and the United States have been convicted for transferring money from their host countries back home to al-Shabaab to support the Islamization project.  They want to make money in the wealthy, pro-business environment that the West affords, but then they want to spend the money on a backwards movement that will send East Africa under Islamic domination and Somalia into an oblivion of despotic sharia law.

The only thing that makes this news story somewhat distinct is that the Muslim who funded this terrorist plot in East Africa is apparently a British native who converted to Islam rather than a Muslim immigrant.  Otherwise, we’ve seen this type of news before:

7/7 bomber widow Samantha Lewthwaite ‘financed Kenya tourist terror plot’

An alleged terror plot targeting Kenyan tourist hotels with chemical explosives was financed by Samantha Lewthwaite, the British widow of 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsay, a senior official has said.

Lewthwaite was a key figure in a cell of radicalised Muslims, believed to include at least three Britons, that was planning attacks in Kenya last Christmas, Jacob Ondari, the assistant director of public prosecutions said.

It is the first time that Lewthwaite, 28, has been officially linked to Jermaine Grant, a 29-year-old British Muslim whose trial on explosives and bombing conspiracy charges began in Mombasa, Kenya’s main coastal city, yesterday.

He is charged alongside three Kenyans, but prosecutors say that there are “others not before the court” who are suspected also of being involved.

Police have Samantha Lewthwaite in mind when they say that,” Mr Ondari told The Daily Telegraph before the start of Grant’s hearing.

“She is wanted for questioning in relation to this same plot. It is our belief that she is connected with Grant and that they were working together. We believe she was the financier. Some of these plots involve many people.” Mr Ondari did not say if these other “plots” also included other Britons, but studies suggest that as many as 40 radicalised British Muslims are currently training with al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Somalia, al-Shabaab.

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