Iraq’s jihadists short on bombs, money

June 3, 2012

The commander of the Iraqi infantry reports that Al Qaeda in Iraq is broke and busted.  This is consistent with the trend of American successes in the wake of the Iraq surge in draining the financial capacity and bomb-making ability of AQI.

This does not mean, however, that there is no fundamentalist Islamic threat in Iraq—there are plenty of Shia militias and non-AQI Sunni radicals afoot in that country today.  But it does suggest that Iraq’s security forces are strong enough to at least keep Al Qaeda crippled.  From UPI last week:

BAGHDAD, May 25 — A high ranking Iraqi military officer says al-Qaida in Iraq is facing financial and logistic difficulties in the country.

Commander of the Iraqi army’s ground forces, Lt. Gen. Ali Ghaidan, told al-Shorfa newspaper Friday that al-Qaida militants in Iraq were losing ground; stressing recent attacks had proven the terror militants’ inability to access explosives and finance grand scale attacks.

“The quantity of explosives in each car bomb or locally made improvised explosive device has dropped by half in the last two months,” Ghaidan said. “Investigations conducted by the Iraqi forces have confirmed that there is a severe shortage in explosives and money needed to finance terrorist operations.”

Ghaidan attributed this “to the success of Iraqi security forces in discovering dozens of weapons caches this year and to tighter control along the borders with neighboring countries”.


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