Chicago sharia bank linked to Usmani

June 4, 2012

The Chicago-based Devon Bank has been named the best Islamic bank in the U.S. for 2012 by Global Finance magazine.

The person who approves Devon Bank’s “faith-based financing” products is Mufti Muhammad Nawal-ur-Rahman, the president and founder of the Shariah Board of America.

A professional biography of Mufti Rahman listed the notorious Mufti Taqi Usmani as one of the advisors to the Shariah Board of America when it was chartered.

Mufti Rahman is also part of the Tablighi Jamaat movement, an offshoot of the radical Deobandi school of Islam, which has been involved in “the fringes of numerous terrorism investigations.”

Mufti Rahman’s rather hard to find biography follows after the jump:

President : Shariah Board of America (SBA) http://www.shariahboard.com

Imam : Masjid-e-Noor Chicago, USA

Khateeb : Jamia Masjid Chicago, USA

Dean : Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation

Mashaikh, Ustazul Asatiza, Faqheeul Asr, Hazrat-e-Aqdas, Al-Haj, Al-Hafiz, Maulana wa MuShaikhul rshidana Mufti Shah Mohammed Navalur Rahman sahib Miftahi, wa Hanafi, wa Chisti, wa Qadri, wa Imdadi. damat barakatuhum wa zata fuyoozahum

Hazratwala Mufti sahib was born in the year 1957 C.E. /1376 A.H. in the town of Hyderabad Deccan, India to a family of Auliya-e-Kiraam. His father a great Waliallah and Arif Billah Shaikhul Mashaikh Hazratwala Ghulam Mohammed Sufi sahib (nawwarulAllahi marqadahu) belonging to the Silsila-e-Qadriya received divine inspiration (Ilhaam) to name all of his four sons from the quality of RAHMAN. Hence, the eldest son was named Kamalur Rahman, the second son was named Jamalur Rahman, the third was named Navalur Rahman and the fourth son was named Zilalur Rahman.

Naval meaning ‘gift’ in the Arabic language, therefore the meaning of Navalur Rahman ‘gift from Rahman’ is a very rare name, but the meaning has great enlightenment behind it. Hazratwala Mufti sahib was trained and nourished in an environment of Auliya Allah. He became a Hafiz-e-Quran at the age of ten and began his primary Arabic education in his hometown under the spiritual guidance of his blessed father. Later he went to Miftahul Uloom- Jalalabad, India, and met the very pious and authority of Tasawwuf, Hazrat Maseehul Ummat Maulana Maseehullah Khan Jalalabadi (nawwarulAllahi marqadahu) senior khalifa of Hazrat Hakimul Ummat Thanvi (nawwarulAllahi marqadahu).

In the days of his youth, Hazratwala Mufti sahib was very active and he was known a ‘SUFI’ amongst his colleagues. He never wasted time and indulged in the service of his teachers. He would usually massage the heads of his teachers including Hazrat Masheeul Ummat (nawwarulAllahi marqadahu). His teachers preferred his service and Khidmat over others, due to his ability to learn quickly and great humility. Hazratwala Mufti sahib had not only learned Uloom-e-Zaahiriya from Hazrat Jalalabadi (rah) but gave bayat (allegiance) to him.

Later by the guidance of his Shaikh, he stayed at Miftahul Uloom after completing the Daura-e-Hadith, an exclusive study of Sihah Sittah and other books of Ahadith. He enrolled in Ifta course and studied under the prestigious Mufti, Hazrat Maulana Mufti Naseer Ahmed sahib (nawwarulAllahi marqadahu). Upon returning to Hyderabad Deccan, Hazratwala Mufti sahib began teaching in Madaris-e-Deeniya. His ability to teach was liked by his elders, and he was quickly promoted to teach Daura students, he taught Tirmizi shareef at Darul Uloom Hyderabad. Hazratwala Mufti sahib was so young that some of his students were only a couple of years younger than him. Hazratwala Mufti sahib is well versed in the Hanafi Islamic jurisprudence, and he is known as a Hanafi Fiqh specialist. He has received Ijaza of teaching Hadith by many renowned scholars of our time, he received the Ijaza in (Musalsalaat-e-Hadith) from Hazrat Shaikhul Hadith Maulana Zakariya Kandhalwi (nawwarulAllahi marqadahu).

Hazratwala Mufti sahib later began working in the field of Dawat and Tabligh. His love for the Auliya-e-Kiraam was remarkable, from birth Hazratwala Mufti sahib was in the company and service of Auliya-e-Kiraam, to learn every branch of Deen he went to the Auliya-e-Kiraam who were also experts in Uloom-e-Shariah. To learn the noble work of Dawah he was in service to Hazrat Jee Maulana Inamul Hassan Kandhalwi (nawwarulAllahi marqadahu) the last Ameer of the Tablighi Jamaat. He frequently visits Nizamuddin and he has been doing so from his youth. He spent numerous time in Dawat and Tabligh, and his speeches were desired by the elders of Dawat and Tabligh. Hazratwala Mufti sahib gave speeches in many Marakiz of Dawat and Tabligh. Hazrat Maulana Naeemullah Khan sahib the Ameer of Hyderabad Deccan has a special love for Hazratwala Mufti sahib and sends him to the masses of Ummat to revive the Shari’ah in the lives of the Muslimeen.

Hazratwala Mufti sahib was giving his services to Ilm-e-Deen and the work of Tabligh, due to his great capacity he served all efforts of Deen and excelled in all. He had reached the last stages of Tasuwwuf and his father bestowed him with the mantle of Khilafat in the Qadriya Silsila at the age of twenty. After receiving his Khilafaat from his father, he again received Khilafat in the Chistiya, Naqshbandiya, Qadriya and Suharwardiya silsila by Hazrat Masheeul Ummat (nawwarulAllahi marqadahu) senior khalifa Shaikhul Mashaikh Hazratwala Hafiz Dr. Tanveer Ahmed Khan sahib (damat barakatuhum). He then came to the United States of America in 1993, according to the advice of his elders.

He began as a teacher of Ilm-e-Deen and some students became Alim under his teachings. Later he was made Imam of Masjid-e-Noor and Khateeb of Jamia Masjid, Chicago which he presently still serves. Hazratwala Mufti sahib spirituality was felt by the masses. He unveiled his identity as a Shaikh and began accepting bay’t from people. After becoming a Mazhar of Hidayath for the Muslims in the US. Hazratwala Mufti sahib expanded his work by creating Shariah Board of America of Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation. He began to recruit other Ulama-e-Kiraam. He informed the Akabireen-e-Ulama, of the inauguration of Shariah Board of America and three great Muhadditheen and Fuqaha of our time accepted the proposal and became advisors of Shariah Board of America, amongst them are Hazrat Maulana Mufti Taqi Usmani sahib (Vice President Darul Uloom Karachi), Hazrat Maulana Mufti Saeed Ahmed Palanpuri sahib (Ustad-e-Hadith Darul Uloom, Deoband) and Hazrat Shaikh Maulana Salman Saharanpuri sahib (Nazim-Mazahir Uloom Saharanpur, son-in-law Hazrat Shaikhul Hadith Maulana Zakariya Kandhalwi (nawwarulAllahi marqadahu) . Due to his guidance and spirituality Shariah Board of America instantly received acceptance from the Muslim Ummat.

He connected great Ulama-e-Kiraam of North America and created a network of Ulama for the Muslims of North America. Amongst them are Hazrat Maulana Abdul Aziz sahib Mazahiree, Hazrat Maulana Mufti Ghulam Samdani sahib Qasmi, Hazrat Maulana Mumtaz-ul- Haq sahib Binnori (khalifa of Hazrat Hakeem Akhtar sahib (damat barakatuhum), Hazrat Maulana Mufti Jamaluddin sahib, Hazrat Maulana Aijaz Alam sahib and many other great Ulama. Hazratwala Mufti sahib has gotten acceptance amongst all of them and they chose him as an Ameer for the Shariah Board of America network.

Since interest was the biggest sin facing the Muslims in North America, Hazratwala Mufti sahib volunteered his time and researched banking systems of the West and finally Islamic banking began in Chicago by various local banks. After that the need for a Madresa was still an issue, so Darul Uloom Chicago was founded by Hazratwala Mufti sahib and he currently teaches Bukhari and Muslim shareef to the senior class Alimah students. Hazratwala Mufti sahib brings awareness to the Muslim Ummah of deviant sects, like Ghair Muqallideen, the so called Salafi and Ahle Hadith sect. The bid’ati the so called Barelwi sect and the Maudoodi sect. He talks from the Quran, Hadith and brings the masses to believe and understand the Quran and Hadith like the way of the Salaf-e-Saaliheen, the Khairul Quroon, the first three generations of Islam.

He guides Saalikeen in the path of Tasuwwuf and has weekly majalis where the science of Tasuwwuf is explained to the seekers. Hazratwala Mufti sahib is currently studying and working on a translation and commentary of one of the most complex books of Tasuwwuf, Fusus ul Hikam by Shaikh-e-Akbar Mohiuddin ibn Arabi (nawwarulAllahi marqadahu) . Hazratwala Mufti sahib is a Mazhar of Hidayath, Rahmat and Ghaffarath for the people. May his shadow and guidance be upon us till Allah ta’la’s pleasure has been attained by all of us. Ameen.

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