Vile charity to open at least 7 new branches

June 5, 2012

The International Islamic Relief Organization has been an important entity in spreading virulent Wahhabi teachings beyond the borders of Saudi Arabia to the farthest reaches of the Islamic world.  IIRO’s branches in the Philippines and Indonesia were designated as terrorist entities by the United States in 2006.  Saudi Arabia must figure that this is a good time for IIRO to spread its tentacles once more across the globe.

Sorry to Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, India, the Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and Angola.  You will be the next victims.  The Koran says that the mujahideen are eligible recipients of zakat.  Muslim scholars, particularly in Saudi Arabia, are fully aware of this provision of Islamic law, and they will keep that in mind as they allocate zakat funding to these new branches.


IIROSA to open overseas chapters

The International Islamic Relief Organization-Saudi Arabia (IIROSA), a major Saudi-based charity with a mandate to provide necessary aid and relief globally, plans to open overseas chapters in various countries, Adnan Khalil Basha, IIROSA secretary-general told Arab News on the sidelines of a reception hosted for foreign diplomats based in the capital here on Tuesday.

The recepion was organized to highlight the IIROSA programs and projects being carried out in different countries. The IIROSA aims to identify impoverished areas and the needy population across the world, especially in countries where Muslims are in minority and to lend them support on priority basis. The event was addressed by Abdullah bin Abdulmohsin Al-Turki, secretary-general of the Muslim World League (MWL).

Diplomats from the Arab region, Islamic countries, Africa, Europe and Americas attended the conference. A number of foreign envoys and diplomats praised the IIROSA activities saying the organization has been delivering aid in different parts of the world adhering to the international rules that govern charities.

Referring to the expansion plan undertaken by the IIROSA, Basha said his organization was planning to open new chapters in Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, India, Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Angola and a few other countries. About the dangers posed to aid workers in countries such as Tunisia, where the situation is still volatile, he said that “this is the time to open IIROSA offices in countries like Tunisia and at places where there are uprisings, unrest, natural disasters and poverty.”

“Every year, the IIROSA plans to open five or six chapters across the world, but sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don’t because of stricter regulations in those countries or tight licensing regulations,” said the IIROSA chief. “In fact, we are working to open a chapter in India,” said Basha, adding that the IIROSA is doing its best to bring home to Indian officials that it is a transparent organization.

He said the IIROSA wanted to boost communication with different societies across the world to promote greater understanding and friendship. “Our work is purely humanitarian and we do our best to serve the needy around the world without any discrimination.”

“We establish educational and health institutions, build training and rehabilitation centers, construct orphanages and shelters for the needy besides establishing water supply system and digging wells,” he explained. Asked about the budgetary constraints faced by the IIROSA and other Islamic charities, he said the “IIROSA had been getting its resources from endowment (auqaf) properties, donors and from our partner organizations.” “There is no exact financial budget or annual budgetary allocations, rather it depends on the donors how much they would give,” said the IIROSA chief, adding that all finances are audited and made transparent as per international regulations and standards.

About its relief operations, Basha said his organization has always been among the first to assist victims of natural or man-made disasters providing them with accommodation, food and medical treatment. He said the assistance extended by the IIRO has so far benefited more than 43 million people in 149 countries.

The organization financed and managed 1,162 projects benefiting more than 1.2 million people in four continents in 2011, Basha said.

“During floods in Pakistan, we were among the first to be there and in Somalia we were among the major relief organizations to extend relief to the hunger-stricken people,” said the IIROSA chief, who has been supervising a number of aid and relief operations launched by this charity.

He pointed out that the IIROSA has helped in the implementation of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015, which includes eradication of poverty, universality of primary education, limiting rate of child mortality, environmental sustainability and holding international partnerships.

At the end of the event in Riyadh, an IIROSA documentary film titled “Pioneer” was shown to the diplomats, which highlighted some of the humanitarian and relief achievements of the organization. The diplomats and officials led by Al-Turki and Basha also visited a photo exhibition, which was organized on the sidelines of the event.

The IIROSA is a charity affiliated with the Makkah-based Muslim World League.

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