How fracking frees us from foreign fuel

June 11, 2012

U.S.-led innovation in drilling is increasing energy production, reducing our demand for Persian Gulf oil, lowering natural gas prices, and, as an added bonus, boosting employment in states with shale deposits.

It is a common misconception that filling your gas tank funds terrorism.  That isn’t necessarily or directly the case.  The Saudi oil sheikhs have money from oil that they can divert toward Wahhabi “charities” that do indeed fund terrorism.  But the more energy the U.S. and Western economies produce, the farther energy prices can fall worldwide, and the slimmer the profit margins for the Arab states.

Western energy production also limits the trump card that the Middle East can play to affect our foreign policy.  If we tap into our own resources through technologies such as fracking (hydraulic fracturing), we won’t need to hold hands or bow down to the Saudi royals.

You do not have to feel guilty about filling your gas tank.  But you deserve to feel guilty if you elect politicians who oppose domestic energy expansion.  Strangling our own economy and nibbling around the edges by reducing our own energy consumption is not a viable, long-term solution.  The best way forward is to beat the Saudis at their own game.

Check out this article from Medill Reports earlier this year which notes that “Fracking has the potential to make the United States ‘largely independent of foreign sources of natural gas and significantly less dependent on foreign sources of oil’.”

Need a visual?  Also from Medill:

Depiction of fracking process

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