US offers reward for Shabaab financial warrior

June 21, 2012

Sheikh Fu’ad Mohamed Khalaf Shongole

The U.S. State Department has offered a $5 million reward for information leading to the capture and conviction of Fuad Mohammed Shongole, a fund-raiser for al-Shabaab.  Somehow this fellow has misunderstood Islam and is under the impression that Islam permits jihad.  Maybe he came under that misapprehension when he was trained as an imam.

Shongole once acquired Swedish citizenship.  One would hope that the Swedes would have some information about him that they could share with the U.S.

Being an al-Shabaab financier probably means that Shongole has been involved in collecting Islamic taxes including forced and voluntary private zakat, illegal checkpoint taxes, harbor taxes, and commercial zakat on articles of trade such as charcoal.

An excerpt from the Long War Journal‘s post about the latest Rewards for Justice announcement:

Sheikh Fuad Mohammed Khalaf: who is also known as Fuad Mohammed Shonghole, is a Swedish citizen who serves as a top financier and has also served as a senior Shabaab field commander in Mogadishu. In a Shabaab propaganda video, Khalaf declared war on Ugandan peacekeepers serving in Mogadishu. Khalaf is also an imam, or prayer leader, for Shabaab.


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