Campbell: €18m giveaway to teach Resistance

July 10, 2012
Twitter:  @JCampbellUKIP

Author and researcher Jacob Campbell

Jacob Campbell, a research fellow at the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy, has uncovered a European Commission plan to subsidize Lebanese schools despite the announcement by Lebanon’s eduction minister and Hezbollah official that students will be taught “a culture of Resistance.”  Specifically, the European Union has pledged €3.8 million for a Lebanese citizen education program and is contributing €13.7 million toward Lebanon’s “Education Sector Development Plan.”

This assumes that the money won’t be lost forever as it’s channeled through a completely tainted Lebanese financial system prior to its arrival at the indoctrination camps.

Here’s an excerpt from Campbell’s article, “Helping Hezbollah“:

… If Hezbollah is to consolidate its rule over Lebanon, it must command the loyalty of the country’s youth. And, having inherited the previous government’s five-year Education Sector Development Plan (ESDP), Hezbollah is in the ideal position to achieve this by embedding its own ideology into Lebanon’s education system.

Keen to support the strengthening of “students’ national identity and civic responsibilities” in a nation as perennially blighted by sectarian strife as Lebanon is the European Union, which has committed €3.8 million for the development of a citizenship education programme in Lebanese schools. Well-intentioned as this is, it overlooks the fact that Hezbollah’s conception of civic responsibility is fundamentally at odds with the European Union’s. This was most starkly evident in February, when the Lebanese Minister of Education issued a memorandum obligating all public schools to spend an hour imbuing “the culture of Resistance” in children.

Nor has Hezbollah’s attempt to indoctrinate an entire generation stopped there. As part of the ESDP, which the European Union is co-financing with a total budget of €13.7 million, the Lebanese government is seeking to launch a standardised history curriculum. According to the most recent proposal, history lessons will include teaching pupils to appreciate “the Resistance’s importance in terms of defending Lebanon”. The draft syllabus has also been criticised for writing the pro-democracy Cedar Revolution out of Lebanon’s history, as well as omitting Lebanon’s struggle against the Syrian army and Palestinian militias during the civil war. To all impartial observers, it is clear that Hezbollah is exploiting the ESDP to greatly exaggerate its centrality to Lebanese national identity.

When Paul Nuttall MEP submitted a parliamentary question asking whether the European Commission would cancel its financial assistance to the Lebanese Ministry of Education in light of Hezbollah’s efforts to brainwash students, Commissioner Štefan Füle responded by saying that any cessation of funding “would be counterproductive”. Given that the Lebanese Minister of Education announced in May that he has enlisted the help of his Iranian counterpart in implementing the ESDP, the European Commission ought to consider that what is truly counterproductive is sponsoring a project that appears to have been outsourced to Hezbollah’s paymasters in Tehran…

Read the full piece here.

Mr. Campbell also tells Money Jihad that, “As a Eurosceptic, I resent the squandering of taxpayers’ money by an unelected and unaccountable European Commission,” especially if it empowers Hezbollah—an organization committed to terrorism against Israel.

If you live in Europe or America (and especially if you’re a young adult), you too must be wary of a future of being saddled with public debt incurred by profligate politicians elected decades before you could even vote.  The money involved in this Lebanese case may not seem like much in the grand scheme of government waste and abuse.  But how long can your government sustain itself when it engages in, not just expensive welfare programs at home, but continuous foreign aid welfare to an Islamic world that is innately hostile and unappreciative of Europe and the U.S.?

Incidentally, U.S. aid to Lebanon was $73.1 million in 2008, $125.7 in 2009, an estimated $229 million in 2010, and a requested $246.3 million in 2011 according to a Congressional Research Service report.

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