Halal slaughter leaves consumers in the dark

September 7, 2012

The YouTube channel MegaFraudbuster uploaded a video earlier this week about undisclosed halal slaughter of lamb and cattle in the U.K.

The video entitled “The Secret Halal Meat Scandal in UK” was originally produced by Christian Voice in November 2010, but this is our first time seeing it.  In the short film, Christian Voice director Stephen Green points out that halal slaughter involves not just a specialized throat slitting technique, but a prayer in which the meat is ceremonially sacrificed to Allah.  Green further explains that the Bible tells Christians not to eat meat sacrificed to idols or foreign gods, and that Sikhs are also prohibited by their religion from consuming halal products.

The problem is that U.K. consumers don’t know when the meat they buy has been slaughtered under halal methods.  The Islamic prayer is often made during slaughter, but the meat is not labeled halal.  This video documents which grocers sell insufficiently labeled halal meat:


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