Peace in our time… if the price is right

September 19, 2012

Possible Arab thumbing U.S. cash

The Taliban is willing to accept truce with the government of Afghanistan contingent on the replacement of U.S. military presence with U.S. “economic assistance,” according to a report published this month describing interviews of Taliban leaders conducted by the Royal United Services Institute.

Can you imagine the pain that the 9/11 victims’ families would endure if their tax dollars were spent on foreign aid to a Karzai-Taliban coalition government?  It is outrageous that our government would even consider negotiations under terms floated in the RUSI interviews.


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  2. Barack Obama is a COMMUNIST &he will do WHAT EVER CONGRESS LETS HIM GET AWAY with-Maybe they are giving the ADMINISTRATION enough rope 2 Hang THEMSELVES-
    we own GOVERNMENT MOTORS don’t expect a PROFIT
    they armed MEXICAN DRUG CARTELs
    they BYPASSED CONGRESS &are giving ILLEGAL ALIENS our jobs&access to any of ~185 Welfare Programs
    they have WRITTEN over 900 EXECUTIVE ORDERS& Barry signed them with AUTOPEN
    They Submitted a MANIPULATED DOCUMENT&told us it was an OFFICIAL Birth certificate
    they are in COLLUSION with MEDIA MATTERs to attack ‘ENEMIES of~Administration’namely BRIETBART
    they are ARGUING B4~SupremeCourt that the Administration Does Not have 2 abide by a Federal Judges &release ANY&All US CITIZENS who have been held in INDEFINITE DETENTION…..Barry wants permission 2 ARREST US without offering DUE PROCESS
    They have ALLOWED BO to PERSONALLY sign off on over 239 DRONE ATTACKS in PAKISTAN ALONE-UN has ordered the ADMINISTRATION 2turn over information regarding the ‘collateral Damage’ or ASSASSINATIONS of thousands of ARAB citizens during his short time in~White House…….
    THEY have GIVEN US sooooooooooooooooo many more REASONS to BEG CONGRESS 2 DO THEIR JOBS—-
    -(excluding RepIssa,RepBauchmann,RepWest,RepSmith,SenGrassely….Excluding the FEW PATRIOTIC,BRAVE,TeaParty GOP HOUSE&Senate Members who are WAGING WAR on the CORRUPTION of DC)&EXPOSED the INDONESIAN CITIZEN&secret Muslim Conrade BO 4 who&what he ACTUALLY IS,not the PRESS VERSION PROPAGANDIST fairytale biography
    God Bless AMERICA…….11-06-2012* 11-06-2012*11-96-2012

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