Golden Chain fat cat touts 1 trillion in zakat

October 2, 2012

Saleh Kamel

Saleh Kamel, a wealthy Saudi businessman and banker who was listed in the Golden Chain document that revealed prominent Al Qaeda financiers, says that Saudi Arabia possesses one trillion Saudi riyals in zakat revenues.

Zakat is Islam’s 2½ tax on wealth that according to the Koran should be allocated, not just to the poor, but to those fighting for the cause of Allah.  Zakat was the primary source used to fund 9/11 and the Iraq insurgency.

According to an August article from the Arab News, Kamel says that even more Saudis should be paying zakat for real estate transactions.  He also told an audience that Saudi Arabia should rely purely on sharia banking.

It is quite disconcerting that somebody who was exposed as an Al Qaeda donor is calling upon his countrymen to generate even more zakat and use Islamic finance to further Saudi Arabia’s goals.


  1. assalamoaalekom ma ak paistani hon or mare ohpar qarz ha 2 lak or jo ma ne dana eid sa pale or mere pas kane ke laye koch be na ha moje allah ka or app ka asra ha or mere pas koch ne ha

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