U.K. Islamic charity supports “martyrs”

October 9, 2012

The British-based Islamic charity, the Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association (CADFA) has publicly supported terror operatives according to the Jerusalem Post (h/t Jihad Watch).  To wit:

…Earlier this year, [CADFA chairman Munir] Nusseibeh spoke on Press TV, a television news channel and mouthpiece for the Iranian regime, about his and CADFA’s support for Khader Adnan – a jailed terrorist leader from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). The PIJ is a banned terrorist organisation under UK law, whose car and suicide bombings have murdered hundreds of Israeli Jews and Arabs…


…On its website and in one of its ‘updates’, CADFA voices its support for the Abu Jihad Museum in Abu Dis. The Abu Jihad Museum memorialises imprisoned terror operatives, whom the museum lauds as ‘martyrs’. It was founded in support of Khalil Al-Wazir, a PLO terrorist who planned the infamous Coastal Road Massacre, a terror attack that took the lives of 37 people, including 13 children…

And CADFA isn’t just using zakat from local Muslims to fund its activities.  YOU are paying for it:

…Despite the patently extreme political position of CADFA, its projects enjoy both UK and EU support. This support is channelled through a programme called Youth in Action, an EU initiative started in 2007, that as of 2010, has benefited from the vast figure of 548 million euros of European taxpayers’ money…

Welcome to the new world order.  If you spend private money producing a video critical of Islam, you’ll be arrested and a foreign bounty will be put on your head.  If you spend taxpayer money on an Islamic charity that celebrates jihad, the Western media won’t even cover the story.


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  1. […] West, we found that the British-based Islamic charity, Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association, has publicly supported terror operatives.  Also in the U.K., the Islamic charity Al Muntada Trust is under investigation […]

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