Indian terror cells getting Saudi support

October 23, 2012

The Daily News & Analysis reports on two possible terror financial transactions confessed by alleged members of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) doing work for the Indian Mujahideen:  1)  one suspect made an extortion threat against a Mumbai hotel owner for 20 million Indian rupees, and 2)  Khan spent 2.5 million rupees just to meet Fayyaz Kagzi, a Saudi-based LeT recruiter, trainer, and financier.  If true, expect to see more stories of terror cells in India that received hawala money from Kagzi to finance their operations.

IM extorted money to fund terror activities

The special cell of Delhi police,which has arrested three suspected militants of the Indian Mujahideen (IM), has found that the extortion money was reportedly being used to fund their terror activities.

The police are probing their alleged role in the bomb blasts in Pune on August 1.

One of the arrested suspects had demanded Rs2 crore from a hotelier in Mumbai as extortion.

The Delhi police on Thursday had claimed that they have solved the August 1 Pune bomb blast case with the arrest of Asad Khan, 33, Imran Khan, 31, and Sayed Feroz, 38. All three are suspected members of the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and were working for the IM.

During Imran’s interrogation the police found that before getting involved in terror-related activities, he was involved in an alleged case of extortion.

A police officer on condition of anonymity said that a few years ago Imran had demanded Rs2 crore from a Mumbai-based hotelier. “We are trying to get more details and trying to find out if the money was actually paid to Imran and how he spent it,” the officer said.

The investigations and interrogations of Asad Khan has revealed that he was the ideologue of this module and was self-motivated. Asad was inspired by jihad on social networking sites and was self-indoctrinated. Later, he drew inspiration from Fayyaz Kagzi, whom he met on a social networking site.

Asad travelled to middle-east, especially Saudi Arabia, several times to meet Kagzi and spent as much as Rs25 lakh to meet Kagzi.

According to the police, Kagzi is a Saudi Arabia-based activist of LeT and is in charge of their India operations. “Kagzi recruits and trains fresh youngsters and also ensures they get money through hawala. Investigations have revealed that Kagzi has played a much bigger role in LeT’s India operations than we had thought,” a police officer said.

What has surprised the investigators is the huge amount of Rs25 lakh which Asad is believed to have spent to meet Kagzi. “We want to know the source and we are probing that,” the officer said.

The investigators learnt that none of the three arrested suspects were identified, indoctrinated and recruited by any militant group or individual. “From what they have revealed so far, they got self-motivated or self-indoctrinated through the internet and various social networking sites,” a senior officer said.

Hawala is a traditional Islamic method of transferring money that makes it difficult to trace and useful to terrorists.


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