130 requests for zakat, and counting

November 20, 2012

Money Jihad has just added a new page to the website cataloging about 45 previously unpublished requests we’ve received from Muslims around the world asking us to give them money through zakat donations.

Some of the requests claim to be for personal reasons—such as helping somebody with their education or helping them get out of debt—but some have a broader Islamic agenda such as “helping us to raise Muslim power” or “making Islam gain ground.”  Most of the messages don’t request a specific amount.  The smallest amount sought is $200; the largest request hints at $1 million.

Take a look!  Some of them, like one requesting help with “skull fees,” are unintentionally humorous.

There are about 85 separate requests on this old post, too, including a comment that “-Jihad -zakaat, I hope it will go a long way in achieving all predetermined goals.”


  1. I almost wasted my whole day there…

    • Uh oh! I hope it wasn’t a total loss :\

      • Not at all…there’s so much to laugh at that I had to leave b/c the irony was killing me.

  2. i am foinseh godlove fohsam a cameroonian by nationality and aged 22.i converted to islam 2months ago and my islam name is Ibrahim.i come from a very poor family that is why i wish to appeal to any one that can help me to travel to any country where islam is the major religion there so that i can study and work to improve the conditions of my family.for the sake of Allah please somebody help me.my email is foinsehgodlovefohsam@gmail.com and my tell number is +23753836236

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