Government funds go to halal slaughterhouse

December 10, 2012

The state government of Victoria has given a halal abattoir a half million dollars to put more sheep to death under the knife of the Muslim slaughter man.  Along with the funding, an export license granted to the abattoir to ship halal meat to the Middle East has helped double the number of sheep it exports, according to ABC.  Surely, Australian taxpayers will be delighted to learn that their money is being given away to subsidize halal butchery:

Abattoir upgrades for halal sheep processing

By Lucy Barbour

Tuesday, 20/11/2012

A Victorian abattoir has received half a million dollars in funding from the State Government to expand its facilities at Stawell, in the state’s west.

The Frewstal abattoir will use the money to build a freezer room in the hope of increasing halal sheep meat exports to the Middle East.

General manager Greg Nicholls says most abattoirs are now using halal slaughter methods for both export and domestic product.

“You’ve got to be halal to be able to get rid of all your offal, and even though not all our meat goes to the Middle East, a lot of the offal does,” he said.

“To be able to find a market for those products, you’ve got to go down that track.”

What’s worse, as an accompanying radio report from ABC points out, is that about 80 percent of the meat sold domestically in Australia is halal, unbeknownst to consumers.  Without labeling or other disclosure requirements on the halal industry, Christians are unwittingly eating meat killed under recitation of a Muslim prayer, and animal rights advocates unknowingly eat the meat of animal killed in a brutal procedure.

Take a listen:

The halal food industry is a lot like the sharia finance sector and the Islamic charitable sector.  These sectors are used as vehicles to deepen the Islamization of Western cultures, and the profits are siphoned off for mysterious causes.


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  4. Fantastic! At least Christians are eating meat slaughtered in the name of a Real, True God – not some pagan Roman invention! – and BTW, if you really want to find the source of “Muslim Terror” funding and the creators of these organistaions – look no further than the Good ‘ole USA and Israel – CIA, Shin Bet and Mossad are expert in creating non-existent Islamic Terror organisations, and allowing their own operatives to carry out terror acts in the name of Muslims – Take your head out of your Butts and know what all intelligent inhabitants of this planet know – that 911 was a US-Israel deep state operation and so is ISIS , 7/7 London Bombings and the Boston Marathon + Kenya Mall attack (complete with known US crisis actors clearly visible).

    All the worst atrocities known to man are created only by White, Judeo Christians nations – Land Theft – Israel, Nuclear holocasts on Civilians – USA – Genocide -> USA and Israel.

    Lies (false Flags) and Bullshit (blaming victims) are the exclusive domain of the US and Israeli governments and their agent provocateurs.

    Thank G*d Muslims have good hearted sponsors who take care of their Global self defense needs in the face of rampant US-Israeli Muslim Genocide. – Go print THAT on your wannabe website.

    MoneyJihad! – what a crock of Sh*t!

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