U.K. snores as Islamic charity funds terrorism

January 15, 2013

Interpal, a British-Muslim group with documented ties to Hamas, continues to operate with impunity in London.  The valuable Gatestone Institute has published a well-researched piece by Samuel Westrop (@samwestrop for Twitter users) compiling Interpal’s history of misdeeds.

Here are a few of the salient points from the Westrop’s article that should interest Money Jihad readers:

  • Jamal Mohammad Tawil, a senior Hamas operative, signed for a $34K donation from Interpal in 2001.
  • A 2002 Israeli investigation revealed that Interpal partnered with a Hamas affiliate.
  • The U.S., Australia, and Canada have designated Interpal as a terrorist entity.
  • The NEFA Foundation reported that Interpal is a member of the Union of Good, an internationally recognized network of charities that fund Hamas.
  • A 2006 investigation by the BBC showed that Hamas-affiliated charities were receiving Interpal donations.
  • Interpal claimed to sever ties from the Union of Good in 2009 after a review by the U.K. Charity Commission, but subsequent interviews, meetings, and statements (including anti-Semitic, pro-sharia, pro-caliphate, pro-Anwar al-Awlaki comments), and convoys to Gaza indicate that Interpal leadership remains deeply integrated with UoG.

The Gatestone article is entitled “Supporting our Own Demise:  Part 1,” which you can read in full at http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/3514/terror-finance.  Looking forward to Part 2…

Previous Money Jihad coverage of Interpal can be found here, with a look back at the U.K. Charity Commission here.


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