$2m payroll convoy ambushed by Al Qaeda

June 12, 2013

Combine the 20th century payroll robbery of Sacco and Vanzetti with 21st century jihad, and you’ll get the idea of what Al Qaeda is trying to “accomplish” in Yemen today:

Al-Qaeda turns to highway robbery

Yemen Post Staff • May 1, 2013

Local officials in al-Baydha province, south-east of the capital, Sana’a, confirmed this Wednesday morning that armed men suspected to have links with al-Qaeda had attacked a car convoy which was containing $2 million worth in salaries.

The convoy which was heavily guarded by soldiers was ambushed on Tuesday as it was making its delivery to a local post office. Two soldiers were killed in the shoot out alongside two post office workers who tried to intervene.

“Three al-Qaeda operatives killed two soldiers and two post office workers. The terrorists aimed to still government funds,” said a local official to the press.

However, due to the fast response of the military and the security serviced the terror militants were unable to flee with the money, only barely escaping themselves. They all are believed to have fled back to the mountains.

Police officers have already been dispatched to track them down and arrange for their arrest.

“The perpetrators were not able to complete their operation … and fled to the White Mountains, the police is now tracking them down.”

Similar attempted heists have somewhat of a recurrence in Yemen southern provinces as al-Qaeda operatives are turning to highway robbery to finance their operations, while disrupting civilian life.

Despite the mobilization in the region of the armed forces al-Qaeda militants remain elusive, having reverted to guerrilla tactics to destabilize the state and spread insecurity in Yemen most vulnerable and restive areas.

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  1. […] million a year from ransoms, and is also funded by robberies (including banks, post offices, and payroll delivery trucks), and Saudi donors.  AQAP’s leader has previously said that ransoms make up […]

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