Sending so much more than money

August 8, 2013

How did Hezbollah’s operatives receive the money they needed to carry out their bus bombing in Bulgaria?  From a 75,000 euro wire transfer, says Agence France Presse on Jul. 26:

Hezbollah’s armed wing wired almost $100,000 (75,000 euros) to two men wanted over a bomb attack that killed five Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last year, a newspaper report said Friday.

According to the 24 Hours daily, the money was to help organise the blast at Burgas airport on the Black Sea on July 18, 2012, and to carry out reconnaissance in other countries.

The attack on the tourist bus also killed the vehicle’s Bulgarian driver — a Muslim — and left 35 people injured. It was the deadliest attack on Israelis abroad since 2004…

Wired by which bank or money transfer service, exactly?  And would the EU’s recent decision to designate Hezbollah’s “military wing” as a terrorist entity preclude further such transfers?

Ken Rijock writes that, “One must assume that compliance officers at international banks, located in the EU, whose clients transfer funds to Lebanon, for any reason, are initiating a broad-based review of such clients,” and Colby Adams of ACAMS writes that the EU decision will “compel financial institutions in Europe to comb their accounts for links to the group’s social services and fundraising arms.”  Let’s hope.

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