Bribery added to Dahabshiil’s rap sheet

August 23, 2013

UPDATE—FEB. 28, 2015:

In October 2012, Dahabshiil commenced defamation proceedings in The Netherlands against Dahir Alasow (a Somali asylum seeker living in The Netherlands) in respect of various articles written by Mr Alasow and published on his websites including Sunatimes, Waagacusub and ASOJ. These articles alleged that Dahabshiil was, inter alia, involved in the financing of terrorism and other serious crimes, allegations which were categorically denied by Dahabshiil.

On 16 December 2014, the ’s-Hertogenbosch Court of Appeal of The Netherlands, following an extensive examination of the evidence, ruled that the articles were untrue and defamatory of Dahabshiil. Mr Alasow was ordered to remove various articles containing the defamatory allegations from his websites, publish a notice of rectification and pay Dahabshiil’s legal costs. The court’s decision can be found here:

The Somali Channel, a satellite television station, recently aired an interview with Deka Abdulkadir, who is a district commissioner for Wardhigley in Somalia.  During the interview, Ms. Abdulkadir said that the Somali-based Dahabshiil money transfer service has funded the terrorist organization al-Shabaab (which is well-known to readers of this blog and to those familiar with Somali finance).  The Somali Channel subsequently removed or altered the damning interview from its website and YouTube channel.

The Associated Somali Journalists (ASOJ), a group of independent Somali reporters, have blasted the removal, and have alleged that the video was expunged because Dahabshiil secretly bribed the Somali Channel to remove it.  ASOJ also cites a campaign of “assassinations, incarceration, bribery, and oppression” by Dahabshiil against journalists.  They forgot to mention the death threats against musicians who have sung or spoken out against Dahabshiil.

The UN Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea recently reported that money for al-Shabaab was transferred through Dahabshiil at the specific direction of al-Shabaab leadership.

From ASOJ‘s news site:


Associated Somali Journalists (ASOJ) found solid evidence that Somali Channel TV solicited bribery amounting £ 5,000 from Dahabshiil, and subsequently removed from their youtube channel special report on Dahabshiil’s investment to Al Shabab terrorists and other violations.

“Somali journalists denounce in the strongest terms possible the alteration on Wardhigley district commissioner’s remarks against Dahabshiil done by Somali channel TV.  It is unfortunate to see international Satellite TV to do such awkward alteration.  We therefore call the Somali Federal Government to take necessary legal steps against Somali Channel and Dahabshiil” Said in a press release from ASOJ.

ASOJ asks Somali independent media to stay away from bribery and concealing the truth. ASOJ also made available to the public the youtube clip that has been removed from Somali Channel account.  ASOJ once again informs the international community about Dahabshiil’s violations against Somali independent media such as assassinations, incarceration, bribery, and oppression, and asks the Federal Government of Somalia to take necessary steps to contain such acts since Dahabshiil finances Al Shabab Terrorists as well…

One would think that the newspapers in Minneapolis, which routinely covers Somali issues due to the large Somali population there, would cover this news.  Wouldn’t their Somali readers and businesses that cater to them benefit from learning what this major remittance company is doing with the profits from the money Somalis send back home?  Does the press not know what ASOJ is alleging, or do they just not care?

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