Somali press blasts Mo Farah: shill for Dahabshiil

August 30, 2013

UPDATE—FEB. 28, 2015:

In October 2012, Dahabshiil commenced defamation proceedings in The Netherlands against Dahir Alasow (a Somali asylum seeker living in The Netherlands) in respect of various articles written by Mr Alasow and published on his websites including Sunatimes, Waagacusub and ASOJ. These articles alleged that Dahabshiil was, inter alia, involved in the financing of terrorism and other serious crimes, allegations which were categorically denied by Dahabshiil.

On 16 December 2014, the ’s-Hertogenbosch Court of Appeal of The Netherlands, following an extensive examination of the evidence, ruled that the articles were untrue and defamatory of Dahabshiil. Mr Alasow was ordered to remove various articles containing the defamatory allegations from his websites, publish a notice of rectification and pay Dahabshiil’s legal costs. The court’s decision can be found here:

When Barclays decided to end its partnership with Dahabshiil, a money transfer company that funds al-Shabaab, Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah condemned the decision, claiming that the families of Somali-Britons like his depend on Dahabshiil’s remittance service.

In turn, the Suna Times, an independent publication of Somali journalists, and Muqdisho News have condemned Mo Farah for misleading the world about the Barclays decision.

The Somali reporters point out 1) that Dahabshiil funds terrorism, as Money Jihad readers also know, 2) that other remittance alternatives separate from Dahabshiil are available to Mr. Farah and to Somalis around the world, and 3) that Mr. Farah belongs to the same tribe as the owner of Dahabshiil.

Mo Farah’s Scandal: Tribalism or Bribery?

London {Sunatimes} British-Somali Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah has started propaganda campaign, organized by the terrorist financier, Dahabshiil money transfer company.

Mo Farah spoke to the Guardian said “This decision (by Barclays Bank) could mean life or death to millions of Somalis.”He misled the British media by telling that he sends monthly upkeep expenses to his family back in Somaliland, and they’ll be in danger should Dahabshiil had been closed.

Mo Farah can send his money through world remit, which has cooperation with Zaad Service (MMT Service in Somaliland), an online money transfer service that can send money in five minutes. He has an alternative in sending money through other services which has not been affected by Barclays ban such as Kaah express, but it’s so unfortunate to see him spreading propaganda in favor of Dahabshiil.

Although Mo Farah hails the same clan of Dahabshiil proprietor, many Somalis wonder why he is in the middle of such a mess. His supporters believe that he hastily and blindly supported the terrorist financiers. He urged Barclays to lift the ban, and signed petition asking British government to put pressure on Barclays in his twitter account. He wrote a letter to PM Cameron urging him not to close Somali money transfer agencies, but in turn, his intention was to save Dahabshiil.

PM Cameron cannot save a company that has committed terrorist crimes; therefore the athlete should have saved his reputation, by trying to find out the truth.

Mo Farah should realize that Dahabshiil was behind the killing of Somali journalists, and intermingled the dirty politics in Somalia, and has been found guilty by a court of law in relation to their financial support with Al Shabab…

It is so distressing to see independent and expatriate journalists who are trying to save their country from the throes of terrorism be smothered out by institutional, corporate, biased media sources that simply will not print the truth about Dahabshiil.  The British media conglomerates have latched on instead to the glamour and star power of Mo Farah, while ignoring “lesser” Somali celebrities like Nimo Djama and Sado Ali Warsame, who have received death threats for speaking out against Dahabshiil.


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