Money jihad news: recommended reading

October 10, 2013
  • Al-Awlaki paid him $9,000 to do English-language outreach for Al Qaeda. Now that his paymaster is dead and he’s been indicted, Lawal Babafemi may be having second thoughts… more>>
  • Norway is cutting its aid to Afghanistan by 7 percent over concerns about corruption, while Norwegian aid to the equally corrupt Palestinian Authority remains undiminished… more>>
  • Pakistan’s ISI and Frontier Corps commit extortion through a “kill and dump” mafia operation, reports Sarjau… more>>
  • Al-Madinah received £1.4 million in taxpayer funds to open an interfaith school. Somewhere along the way it became 100 percent Muslim, sent girls to the back of the classroom, and banned haram cooking from the cafeteria… more>>

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